Thursday, 18 October 2018

To play or not to play

That is the question! The guitar, I mean. / I'm rethinking my whole approach to music, man. I seem to spend a hell of a lot of time these days practising the guitar (without becoming much better) when I should be writing songs. My latest song, Malibu - and only the second one this year, not including a rewritten one - has made me see THE LIGHT!!! I should be writing more songs like this. A lot more. Not busting my fingers on the guitar. Obviously, I need to be good enough to record my new demo, but beyond that I don't need to be Jimi Hendrix or Jeff Beck. I don't even care about that stuff, man. I want to be the greatest songwriter ever.

So, I'm thinking that maybe ... I shouldn't play on any albums, or at any gigs. Let the professional musicians take care of all that, you dig? I should work the way David Bowie used to, and then concentrate on my songwriting. / Of course, I'll probably change my mind next week, but ... look at this!!! 'That's the way to do it, boss!' Yes, Voice. And, uh ... no dancing, seriously. Moonlight or no moonlight. 'No.' Not at my age, man. It would be ridiculous. 'Yes.' But just standing around, like Bowie in the video, or like Sinatra, or Jim Morrison, that would be fine. 'Yes, boss. You need to concentrate on being a shaman on stage, like our Jimmy.' Yes, Voice, thank you. Or like Ian. 'Ian?! Ian, who?' Ian Brown, idiot!

Actually, I should pay more attention to my dreams, dear reader(s). A few years ago I dreamt I met Ian Brown in a music shop, and I was asking him about a possible third album by The Stone Roses. Then about a year later, I actually bumped into him walking down the street in Chiswick. We were walking side-by-side for about three minutes, going in the same direction, like. Totally weird! 'Ha!' And I didn't say a word to him. But - 'It was a message from the gods, Mikey!' Oh, it was. It was! Ian Brown is the greatest rock and roll shaman after Jim Morrison. (I would put Ian Curtis in third place.) It was definitely a sign, message, whatever, from the gods, man, that I need to become a rock and roll shaman, too.

[With a bit of light shamanic dancing? 'Ha!' Ha!]

[Oh, and Bez in fourth place. And he really is a dancer!]

Well, okay ... have a nice weekend, alligator(s)! 'Later(s), crocodile(s)!' Yeah, bye!


[I do enjoy playing the guitar though ...]

[Oh, maybe just rhythm guitar. I don't know.]

[Never mind.] 

Update (19/10/2018): I'll model myself on this guy. He's not playing an instrument, but he has a mystical connection with his band, the audience, and the higher powers in the cosmos. The ultimate shaman!