Wednesday, 10 April 2019

There's unreliable technology in financial services ... ?

Well, okay, never mind. What else should we talk about, dear reader(s)? I'll probably write about music and, uh, night thoughts later ... tonight, but - 'We better do this PR email, boss.' Why, Voice? WHY - ?! 'Because it's your job, man.' Christ!

Hi Michael,

Hello. Who are you? 'It's Fergus, boss.' You're Voice, Voice. 'Yeah, I am. But that was Fergus just then.' Oh.

Improving productivity is one of the key drivers for financial services organizations deploying video conferencing solutions, however, 76 percent of staff are finding these platforms unreliable, claiming that the ability to share their screen or content during a call could be improved, according to new data from StarLeaf.

Ah. Okay. How do we know that 76 percent of staff aren't incompetent? Has StarLeaf looked into that?

With employees struggling to download the relevant software to enable collaboration and not finding it obvious how to share content, it is clear that rather than improving productivity, unreliable technology may in fact be damaging productivity. With more and more staff wanting to work remotely, it is critical that financial services businesses implement effective, intuitive collaboration technology that supports rapid decision-making and communication.

Hang on a minute! Struggling to download the relevant software? These people might be idiots. 'Boss, we don't know who they are. They could be utter, utter clowns.' Of course they could! This data is flawed, I reckon.

If you would like to speak to William MacDonald, Chief Technology Officer at StarLeaf for further information, please do let me know.

What do you say, Voice? 'Nah. Just quote him from the email.' All right.

Commenting on the findings William MacDonald, Chief Technology Officer at StarLeaf, says, "Traditionally, the financial sector has been known for its long working hours, requiring staff to be physically present in the office to perform their roles. However, the 'always-on economy' has dramatically transformed work patterns with more staff working remotely to be efficient with their time and manage family schedules and other lifestyle commitments. Indeed, research from HSBC reveals that 89 percent of UK employees believe flexible working is a key driver of productivity, which underlines the importance of financial services organizations instilling the right processes, so staff can work together effectively, wherever their colleagues are based."

Ha! Did you hear that, Voice? 'What?' Our William reckons that 89 percent of UK employees believe flexible working is a key driver of productivity. 'Ha!' It's more likely that 89 percent of UK employees are lazy bastards who enjoy goofing off.

Okay, okay. I'll finish with this -

The findings from StarLeaf's survey revealed that some of the biggest barriers employees encounter to effective video conferencing and collaboration include downloading the relevant software, cited by 40 percent of respondents, and a further 29 percent reporting it is not obvious how they can share content. This builds a picture of an industry struggling to empower employees to work with tools effectively, which leaves staff frustrated and unproductive.

Jesus H. Christ!!! 29 percent say it's not obvious how they can share content. 'Unbelievable! Can they even dress themselves, boss?' I don't know, man.

Who on earth has StarLeaf been talking to?!

Never mind.



Uh. Anything else? No, not much, dear reader(s). I'm feeling a bit melancholic tonight, to tell you the truth. As I said, I'll be writing later - in the early hours, as it were, or will be, like. The last post of the week. Maybe I'll feel better then, with Apollo on.

My music? I'm still rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing ... / I reckon I might be more "lively" on this new demo, like Marley. Not "flat" like the last demo, and Dylan. 'What?! Dylan's not flat, Mikey.' Oh, he is, compared to Marley, Voice. Definitely. And Marley had that song, Lively Up Yourself.

Remember, I'm playing to win, kook(s). I'm not playing not to lose.

Listen! I'm only staying alive for music, and people will sense that. It's a quality that will make me untouchable in today's scene. 'It's existentialism, Mikey, but not as we know it. That's what they'll say, man.' Ha!

Believe it!