Monday, 23 November 2020

Black Friday

Yeah, whatever. American nonsense.

Hi Michael,

I hope you're well?

Why the question mark? I'm perfectly fine. 'FFS! Who is that, boss?' Ysabelle. 'Oh, okay.'

With Black Friday fast approaching, Currys PC World has released their Insiders Guide to Black Friday, which is packed with tips for bagging the best bargains, which include: 

Now, hold on! Ha, ha, ha! 'Ha, ha, ha!' Yes, Voice, and Ysabelle. I've already bagged the best bargains. 'Tell us!'

Two Sunspel polo shirts. Normally £90 each. I'm getting them for £63 each. 'Brilliant!'

Levi's chinos. Normally £70. I'm getting them for £50. 'Brilliant!'


'What else are you getting, boss?'

That's it. I'm not made of money.

Anyway ...

They've released their top deals of 2019, which hints at what deals to expect for this year: 

Apple Airpods and JVC TVs were in the most demand on Black Friday 2019.
Last year the busiest time on the Currys PC World website was 9-10am. Shop before then to catch your favourite items while stock lasts.
Black Friday 2019 saw prices being slashed by as much as £300 on select items at Currys PC World, with TVs and laptops seeing some of the most competitive price cuts.

Would you be interested in featuring this guide? I've attached the press release below, but do let me know if you have any questions.

Oh, I don't have any questions, Ysabelle, but thank you for the email.

Okay, okay. Let's hear from Andy. 'Wait a minute! Who's he?' He's a voice, Voice, from Currys PC World. He's not doing you out of a job.

Come on, Andy!

Andy Barratt*, Head of Online Marketing at Currys PC World says: "Given the climate this year, Black Friday is going to be an online focussed event. This isn't to say that shoppers won't get the true 'Black Friday experience' though - in fact this is far from the case! Not only will it be a far more relaxed experience, being able to take part from home, but customers will have access to even more deals and more stock by shopping via our website. What's more, it's much quicker and easier to find what you're looking for. Plus, with our ShopLive feature, you can video call our in-store experts from home to seek advice and ask any questions you may have about our products. Once you've found what you want, you can order for home delivery or use our order and collect service at a time that suits you."

Okay, okay. Thanks, Andy. But ... you don't sell clothes, do you?


Never mind.


Anything else? Music?

Well, I'm working on the lyrical concept for Did You See? I roughly know what the song is about now. However, I will be changing that title.

I'm excited, man! I reckon I'm writing the greatest song ever. I mean, it will be better than Nothing. The lyric will have to be just as poetic though.

And, uh ... I have another good tune from a while ago that needs a lyric. That will be a seventh song for my BIG TEN.

I would like to leave And Rain Came Down, Good Times, and We'll Show Them Heaven off the list ...

So, I need three more top tunes.

Hopefully, I'll get them soon. I'm all fired up, actually. Oh, I'll get them!

And the album? Well, that could change with new songs. I mean, it's getting stronger all the time.

It will end up being ...


And that will be fine by me.

Later(s), alligator(s)!

*I googled his name, and that's the correct spelling - according to LinkedIn. The PR email spelt it "Barret", and now everyone else - accept me - is spelling it that way. C'est la vie.