Friday, 13 November 2020


Right. I've been doing some research online.

To be honest with you, dear kook(s), I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to clothes. I haven't been much interested in them since I was a Rude Boy and then a Casual in the Eighties. 'And then a New Romantic, Mikey.' Yes, thank you, Voice. There was no need to mention that. Go away, please.

Has he gone?

Anyway ...

I reckon some Levi's chinos will go well with my Timberland boots, so ... I think I'll start off with a black pair. If I like them, I'll get grey and blue later.


Well ...

Rude Boys wear Fred Perry.

Casuals wear Lacoste.

But Sixties-style movie tough guys wear ... [drum roll] ... Sunspel polo shirts.

Apparently, that's what Steve McQueen wore. They cost £90 each though. I don't care! I'll get two or three.

So ...

'What about a suit, boss?'

Oh, you again. No. That's Leonard Cohen territory, or, uh ... Robert Palmer. And it won't go with my music. I want to be smart casual, man. And Sixties-style movie tough guy casual, not hooligan Casual with a capital "C".

Ah, but ...

I wore a Harrington jacket when I was a Rude Boy, and Steve McQueen wore one, too.

I might get one - for when I don't want to wear my badass leather jacket.

Yes, it's all coming together now, and I'm actually feeling quite excited.

I'm not too worried about the expense. Listen! If I'm not on my way to becoming a big star next year ... I'll probably jump in the sea.

You don't need money in the sea. Just ask Bodhi.

Later(s), fashion victim(s)!


I've just worked out the perfect image.

From bottom to top -

Suede Timberland boots (already got them)

Black Levi's chinos

Dark petrol or blue slate Riviera Sunspel polo shirt

Black leather jacket (already got it)

And ...

Persol 714 sunglasses


Tell me about it!