Thursday, 12 November 2020

What am I writing about now?

I honestly couldn't tell you, dear reader(s). I will say though ... this is the last post of the week, and I'm very happy about that fact.

Yes, I'm tired. I really don't sleep enough. The thing is ... I'm one of these people who can fall asleep within thirty seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

I just don't like sleeping, that's all.

Anyway, listen! ... I went to the park yesterday and got some mud on my new suede Timbs. That will have to stop!

My Timberland boots are a part of my image, you dig?

The question is ... do trousers look good with boots, or should I stick to jeans? Uh. Depends on the trousers, I suppose.

I'll have to look into it when the shops open again.

A couple of pairs of black trousers ...

I reckon that if I want a new guitar with case ... I'll have to spend £600.

I've got a nice black leather jacket I've hardly worn ...

I've changed barbers recently. This new guy takes his time and does a really good job. And he's not too expensive.

High quality T-shirts, rather than shirts ... maybe.

Oh, I'm just working things out in my head, kook(s). 'And on your laptop, your blog.' Yes, Voice.

This is my diary. This is where I plan my future. Sod finance! 'Sod it, Mikey!' Finance is so ... 2008. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway ...

Music? I stopped my vocal exercise and guitar spider exercise for a week to see what would happen ... and my performing went to shit. That stuff is important, man. And it only takes half hour a day.

You need discipline. I think I got it.

My BIG TEN ... ?

We'll Show Them Heaven is a strange song. I've still got to finish the lyric, but ... it will be a so-called "world-beater". It's simple, it's not very exciting ... however, it has power and grandeur.

Like, uh ...

Think of John Lennon's Imagine. There are hundreds of songs I'd rather listen to.

Off the top of my head ... Haitian Divorce by Steely Dan. 'Amazing song!' Yes.

But Imagine is better. Why?!

Never mind.

Anyway ... I want all of the BIG TEN to be world-beaters, eventually. The Beatles only have four. Just my subjective opinion, of course. 'Ha!' What? 'You don't have to say that, boss. Everyone knows you're an expert.' Well, yes ... I suppose.

Oh, I'm having pizza tonight. 'How many calories?' I don't know, Voice. It doesn't matter as long as I don't eat snacks.

Okay, okay.

That's enough.

I'm very, very tired.

So ...