Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Refinitiv: Lipper European ETF market report - October 2020

Okay, okay.

What have we got here?

Please see attached for the monthly European ETF market report from the Lipper team at Refinitiv:

'Ha! I think that says it all, boss.' Yes, Voice, it does. We have the monthly European ETF market report from the Lipper team at Refinitiv. I'm so excited! 'Really?' Yes. My sunglasses are coming today. All the way from Italy. 'Oh, okay.'

By the way, I don't open the attachments. I did once, but ... it was all charts, you dig? I don't need charts.

Anyway ...

ETF promoters in Europe experienced estimated net inflows of €4.8 bn for October.
Assets under management in the European ETF industry (€874.3 bn) decreased during October.
Equity ETFs (+€2.3 bn) posted the highest estimated net inflows in the European ETF industry for October.
The best-selling Lipper global classification for October was Equity Global (+€1.3 bn), followed by Bond Emerging Markets Global in Hard Currencies (+€0.8 bn) and Bond CNY (+€0.8 bn).
Your Mother Should Know.
Xtrackers was the best-selling ETF promoter in Europe for October (+€2.5 bn), ahead of iShares (+€0.7 bn) and SPDR (+€0.5 bn).
The 10 best-selling funds gathered total net inflows of €3.3 bn for October.
The best-selling ETF for October, Xtrackers MSCI USA Information Tech UCITS ETF 1D, accounted for net inflows of €0.6 bn.

And now ... Detlef will lay his wisdom on us ... well, knowledge, really.

Come on, son!

Detlef Glow, Lipper Head of EMEA Research at Refinitiv, comments: "October 2020 was another positive month for the European ETF industry since promoters enjoyed inflows, while the market environment turned negative as the second wave of The Thing hit major markets in Europe and investors feared a second Thing lockdown-induced economic downturn.

"The negative performance of the underlying markets led to decreasing assets under management (from €882.6 bn as of September 30, 2020, to €874.3 bn at the end of October) despite net inflows. This means the decrease of €8.3 bn for October was driven by the performance of the underlying markets (-€13.1 bn), while net sales contributed inflows of €4.8 bn to assets under management. It was not surprising equity funds (€563.8 bn) held the majority of assets, followed by bond funds (€262.4 bn), commodities products (€36.9 bn), alternative UCITS products (€6.3 bn), money market funds (€3.1 bn), mixed-assets funds (€1.6 bn), and 'other' funds (€0.2 bn)."

Okay, okay. I won't argue with any of that.



Anything else? Music?

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news - not that you care, kook(s).

The thing is ... uh, the bad news ... I'll have to scrap The Light Is Getting Brighter.

The reason? The new tune I mentioned yesterday is too similar to it. 'A lot of songwriters wouldn't worry about that, Mikey.' Oh, I know, Voice. But ... it's too similar, you dig?

The good news is ... this new tune is pretty awesome. Will it be a world-beater? Yes. Definitely.

I really love the mood of the tune. 'Why?' It's mysterious and haunting, man. Like Mozart. 'Great!' Yeah.

It's something different in my writing.

I'm going to try for a "poetic" lyric, too. Maybe I can beat Nothing.

Melodically, this song is way beyond Dylan. If I can match his words (again, Nothing) ... well, the world will be my lobster.

Do you know what I mean?


What else?

There's nothing else.

Be thankful.