Thursday, 5 November 2020

Stuff again

Yeah, yeah. Stuff again. Random stuff. The PR emails? Oh, I've got a few. I'll save them to next week.

For immediate release?

Dream on!

Anyway ...

I got my new suede Timbs yesterday. I'm very happy with them. The last pair lasted five years. So ... a "luxury" product that is value for money, too.

I mean, most things are a rip-off these days.

Like biscuits and sweets. They are always getting smaller, while the price stays the same or even goes up.

Oh - I'm restarting my rock star diet, yes. No snacks! I can eat what I like for lunch and dinner.

Pizza tonight. My favourite! No. Veggie burger.

Well ...


I've deleting some albums from the SD card on my phone to make way for more films. I mean, I don't need over three hundred albums on my phone, do I?

I might get Platoon next, even though I've got it on DVD. We could all learn a thing or two from Sgt Barnes.

Uh. My music? Uh. I'm thinking that this should be the demo -

This World Don't Mean a Thing

I'm sure now.

It'll be crazy to leave Malibu off, man.

Listen! I need to focus on what I can achieve and control in the near future ... not some album or whatever years away.

My demo will be the greatest ever demo by an unsigned artist BECAUSE ... they're four of the greatest songs ever.

I can achieve that.

It's not rocket science

I can control that.

It's really not rocket science.

No one can interfere with it.

I'm not going to Mars, FFS!

BUT(!) ... if it's not enough ... ???

Well, well ... there's always St Ives. There's always the cold, cruel sea. There's always Bodhi time.

But let's not depress ourselves, eh?

Life is beautiful.

And the cosmos is our best friend. If only more of us knew ...

Ha, ha, ha! I know. Yes, I know. That's the main thing.

Also ...

I must finish my BIG TEN soon. I must! Then the demo songs could just be the, uh ... tip of the iceberg. I hate the idea of not having great songs in reserve. It's like Napoleon with his Old Guard, you dig?

Never forget, kook(s): Art is war!

Well, okay ...

Let's play some tunes!

Clair. Gilbert O'Sullivan.

Ain't No Room. The Vines.

The Girl From Ipanema. Frank Sinatra.

Fuck The World. 2Pac.

Hickory Wind. The Byrds.

That's enough.

Anything else?

Man, I can't tell you if there's anything else. Use your imagination.

Just think anything you like ...

Words, words, words. Okay?