Monday, 11 January 2021

Escape the evil world for half an hour

Do it early in the morning, dear reader(s), if you can. I've just done it. The hypnosis, I mean. Have visions of yourself, and your future.

Listen! The world is evil because of evil people. [The dolphins don't want any of this, man!] Evil people with no souls are jealous of people who have souls. They don't want to see you walking around enjoying life. That want to see you stuffed in a box with cotton wool. It's for your own good! Ha, ha, ha!

I won't be reading the news until 9.30pm. I don't want to know what's happening during the day. I got up at 5.00am.

I'm writing this, right now! Later, I will be writing a conceptual, No. 868. Yes, I need more of them. Don't ask me why.

I will fit in guitar playing where I can. Mondays and Tuesdays are always heavy blogging days. So be it!

Music? I will record my demo soon. Although there's not much point at the moment. Not in an evil world.

All things must pass ... ? Who knows?! But I still need to get ready for less evil times.

I can work on my BIG TEN, I suppose.

Look! -

Life and Death

Those are the three greatest songs ever written. Poetic, serious, intellectual.

'What's ----------, boss?' Oh, hello, Voice. Nice of you to join us. ---------- is a song that doesn't exist yet. 'Oh.' There are no chords. There is no melody. There is no title. There is not one word. Ha, ha, ha! 'Why are you laughing?' I don't know.

Oh, there is no lyric for Life and Death. Just a few words here and there, you dig? Be patient. I'm patient.

Look! -

This World Don't Mean a Thing
What's This Life We Live?

Those are three big rock/pop ballads. I have the music for ----------. No lyric. 'Why is it in second place, if it's not finished?' Because I know it's going to be better than What's This Life We Live? 'How do you know, boss?' I'm a visionary.

Look! -



The top three are great commercial pop songs, exciting and fast-paced. The bottom one is commercial, but it's a slow ballad. ---------- and ---------- don't exist yet. But all four songs are the sort of "luxury" songs that Bacharach and David used to write ... just a bit better, that's all.

Believe! Because I do.

Hypnosis, folks! That's what you need. You can be like me. Try it!


Come on!

Just say no to the evil world. No one  loves you. No one who is human, anyway.

The dolphins want to love you, sure. The swans want to love you. (Yes! Take my word for it.) But you can't go with them. You can't really enter their watery world for any serious length of time. You can't live with them.

Never, never mind.


What can you do?

Don't be a mere human!

Expand your consciousness.

Be ... more!


Later(s), mystic(s)!