Thursday 14 January 2021

Night post

Yeah, I'm writing in the night, and I'm listening to Apollo.

I've finished the music for my new song. I've just got to sort the structure out. / It was a smart move mov-moving the chorus to the verse because I've got another chorus now which is really cool. The verse is exciting. The chorus is calm and peaceful. They go really well together.

It should be one of my BIG TEN. I need to write three lyrics to give me a BIG EIGHT. So, I need two more tunes. Then two more lyrics, obviously.

I like the chorus melody and chords. Amazingly, I wrote it as quickly as I played it. Fifteen seconds! It's nice work if you can get it. The chorus is actually thirty seconds long because I repeat the first bit, obviously.

It's raining. I don't feel like sleeping. Not obviously though. I don't feel like sleeping, that's all.

This is the last post of the week. Good! I can spend more time with my guitar.

It's cosy writing in the night. Tucked up in bed with my laptop. A lamp on ... at the far side of the room. Oh, rain gently hitting the windows. And Eno's Apollo on my phone with the earphones. Will I ever get tired of listening to this album? NO - !!! ... is the short answer.

I haven't got much else to say. I've got PR emails that haven't been read yet. Never mind. I'll look at them next week.

I was woken up by a fox last night. No, not in my room. It was outside, howling or screeching or whatever it is they do. Hooting? Of course not. Owls hoot.

Picasso once found an owl that had a broken wing. He fixed it, and then Picasso and the owl became inseparable. They went everywhere together. True story.

I miss that three-legged cat. It's dead now. Or moved away. I don't know.

Actually, I get a lot of cats in the yard and garden. It's funny, really. People are paying to keep them fed and everything, but they spend all their time at my place. And there's a squirrel that lives on the roof, too, I think.

Those green parrots are still around. Yes, even in winter. You would think they would prefer somewhere warm. No. They love it here. It takes all sorts to make a world, I suppose. I can't hear them at the moment. They're in bed, probably, like me.

Okay. Well, good night, kook(s).