Thursday, 7 January 2021

They've had the decency to send me another PR email

Well, I'm not sure it's a question of decency, actually, dear reader(s). It's just that they seem to be the only ones working at the moment. 'You're working, boss.' I'm a workaholic, Voice.

Obviously, they're excited about their batteries. / It's like the Elon Musk situation. I mean, he must be excited now. Within the next month or two, he'll probably become the richest man in the world. 'Our Elon don't care about money, boss!' I know, I know. But it's still a great achievement for a backpacker who turned up in America thirty years ago with only $2,000 to  his name.

If you're excited, work is fun. That's the moral of the story.

Anyway ...

Blackstone receives a Convertible Loan Facility for up to CHF 20 million.

Okay, okay. Let's hear more!

BAAR, Switzerland - (January 5, 2021) - Blackstone Resources AG has entered a convertible loan facility agreement for up to CHF 20 million valid for three years. The convertible loan has a zero percent coupon and can be divided between various noteholders. Any conversion into equity is not possible for the first 120 days after payment of the notes and this can be extended if requested by the company. The first CHF 2 million convertible loans has been purchased and have already been paid by two investors. Additional draw down can be done when requested by Blackstone and agreed with the investors. At the time of conversion of the convertible loan the additional needed shares will be made available by an increase of the conditional share capital of the company.

And, uh ... is there even more? 'You want the moon, you do.' Shut up!

The loan facility will be used to fund Blackstone's plans to mass-produce the next generation of 3D-printed solid-state batteries and for other investments. The batteries will be used in the auto industry and in many other applications. The company has already started to operate the factory facilities in Saxony, Germany where production will begin in 2021.

Okay, okay. Thanks, guys!

And ...



Anything else? Yeah.

Listen, kook(s). I've got to make a decision about the Paul McKenna hypnosis thing. It works. And it's great. I'm feeling much better than I used to. However, I want to get back to listening to the Vance/Musk audiobook on a loop, and I'm not sure I should mix the two. 'Mikey, you probably don't need the hypnosis no more.' Good point, man! I can always go back to it if things start to slip.

You see, I'm toying with the idea - from next week - to stop watching YouTube videos and TV, stop watching films on my phone, and stop reading the news. Even when I'm relaxing late at night.

Elon will be my constant companion, 24/7 ... and I won't let ANYTHING else into my consciousness.

The world is a shitshow. I want no part of it! I want to do my blogging, and then focus on my music.

Elon will help me. [We don't have enough information about Julius Caesar, and there aren't any decent audiobooks for him anyway.]

You dig?

Obviously, I'll avoid Elon's Twitter account. That's not the real Elon. That's the clown Elon for public consumption.

'Are you sure it's not the real Elon?' Well ... it's the Elon I don't want to know about. Let's put it that way.

This is important though because I need someone or something to keep me straight on my path.

As Dan Pena says: "Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future."


Update: I think I'll stick to the hypnosis. Elon's Twitter is too off-putting for me. Where's our Julius when you need him?