Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Refinitiv: Lipper European fund flow report - December 2020

Okay, okay. Well, what's this then?


It's obvious, man. It's the December European fund flow industry report from the Lipper team at Refinitiv.

'Nice one!' Yeah.

And here it is ...

Long-term mutual funds posted strong net inflows for December 2020.
The overall fund flows for mutual funds and ETFs in Europe in December amounted to estimated net inflows of €122.4 bn.
Equity funds (+€58.9 bn) were the best-selling individual asset type overall for December.
Equity Global (+€21.4 bn) was once again the best-selling sector among long-term funds for December.
Ireland (+€64.8 bn) was the fund domicile with the highest net inflows, followed by Luxembourg (+€36.9 bn) and Germany (+€5.9 bn).
BlackRock (+€28.4 bn) was the best-selling fund promoter in Europe for December, ahead of Amundi (+€9.0 bn) and BNP Paribas Asset Management (+€6.3 bn).
The 10 best-selling long-term funds gathered at the share class level net inflows of €9.7 bn for December.
AXA VF - Bonds Global Aggregate T (+€1.6 bn) was the best-selling individual long-term fund share class for December.

Okay. That's all right, ain't it? 'I just wonder what our Detlef makes of it all, boss.' Ha, ha, ha! Well, wonder no more, idiot!

Detlef Glow, Lipper Head of EMEA Research at Refinitiv, comments: "Despite the deteriorating situation with regard to The Thing, December 2020 was another positive month for the European fund industry since the promoters of mutual funds (+€99.1 bn) and ETFs (+€23.5 bn) enjoyed inflows. The high level of inflows was surprising since there were some uncertainties around the outcome of the presidential election in the US and a possible hard Brexit. In addition, investors feared a second The Thing lockdown-induced economic downturn in Europe. Despite these fears, investors bought into risky assets as long-term funds enjoyed estimated net inflows of €90.6 bn, while money market products had estimated inflows of €31.7 bn."

Thanks, Detlef!



Anything else, kook(s)? Not much, no.

I can tell you it's cold, man. But you probably know that already. It all depends on where you're reading this.

I had a fantasy, oh, years ago ... about running away to a tropical island. You know, just live on a beach as an illegal immigrant or something, and then eat coconuts all day long. Never mind.

Music? Uh ...

I keep playing that tune with no title and no concept ... hoping, hoping ... that words will pop into my head.

Maybe I should get to work on the lyric for Life and Death. I don't know. I'm not in the mood for it at the moment.

I've got a cheese sandwich for lunch.

I'm having veggie burger and chips tonight.

I love chips.

They don't give you many chips with the burger, but if I get hungry later in the evening ... I can always have a Pot Noodle.

But I'm not supposed to be eating snacks any more. You have to be really slim to make the most of those Sunspel polo shirts. I'll have to get down to Mick Jagger weight. That's a real rock star diet, you dig?

Never mind.

It will be worth it.


Update: I might have pizza.