Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Stuff again

So what?!

Yeah, yeah. I've got a couple of PR emails that look ever so "interesting", BUT(!) ... I'm not in the mood. Maybe tomorrow, kook(s), yeah? 'They don't care, boss. Just give them stuff. More stuff! COME ON - !!!'

All right, all right. Calm down, idiot! (I think he's been drinking too much coffee this morning.)

Hypnosis? What's the time? Oh, it's too late now. Not enough time. I might do it tonight instead. It's better early in the morning though. It sets you up for the whole day. Do you know what I mean?

Not that I need it because ... I'M FEELING FINE - !!!

'All right, all right. Calm down, Mikey!'

Ha! Yeah, you're funny, Voice. Really funny.

Anyway ...

Music? When am I going to get those two lyrics I need? I don't know. One of them should be easy - if only I could get the title and concept ... to give me something to work with, you dig?

Life and Death will be hard. Ideally, I would like all four verses (combined) to have a greater impact than the third verse of Nothing. / These two songs will be my The Waste Land and The Hollow Men ... meaning no other songwriter will be able to touch me while I'm alive. And after I'm dead, who knows?! [Or cares?!] Eliot is still going strong with those two GREAT poems of his.

Just playing the tune for Life and Death gets me excited, man. There's really nothing like it in popular music.

Well ...

Oh, oh ... when am I going to come over all cold and remote? Soon. Soon. Soon. Yes. I've just got to pick the right moment.

Anyway ...

Shall we listen to some songs, dear reader(s)? [Er, you can imagine them ... in your head, like. Or maybe make the effort - for once - to find them on YouTube or Spotify or whatever. Christ!]

Right ...

Dead Souls. Joy Division. / Yeah. Heavy.

China Girl. Iggy Pop.

Dance Hall Days. Wang Chung. / I have no idea why I love this song so much. It's the mystery of music!

Okay, okay.

That's enough, actually. I'm not in the mood for listening to music, mysterious or not. Even though I'm feeling ... fine. Strange!

'What are you in the mood for, boss?' Ha! Well, I'm not in the mood for you, Voice. Goodbye!

Okay ...

Has he gone?


My life.

Well, I'll see you later, kook(s), with a conceptual, I suppose. No. 872 ... ? Of course! What else?

Yeah, yeah.