Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Foresight strengthens ...

What does it strengthen, dear reader(s)? Answers on a postcard, please! 'Don't be ridiculous, boss. I'll tell them. It strengthens its European presence with announcement of a new AIFM office in Luxembourg.' Fine. You tell them, Voice. 'I just did!' Yeah, yeah.

But there's more. Ha, ha, ha! From the PR email ...

Luxembourg, 19 January 2021: Foresight Group LLP ("Foresight"), a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager, is delighted to announce its latest Alternative Investment Fund Manager ("AIFM") office with the opening of its fourth international presence, located in Luxembourg.

They're delighted. That's great.

The new AIFM licence will enable Foresight to meet the needs of its EU investor base and strengthen its presence in continental Europe. Foresight currently manages two EU domiciled funds, the €75 million Foresight Italian Green Bond Fund ("IGB") and the EU-taxonomy validated c.€430 million Foresight Energy Infrastructure Partners ("FEIP").


This strategic milestone in Foresight's expansion demonstrates its commitment to ensuring post-Brexit continuity of the provision of Fund Management services within the EU. Luxembourg has become a focal point and was the natural choice for Foresight's EU-based Fund Manager to continue to provide a stable regulatory and compliant investment framework.

Okay, okay.

Now here's the bit I like. The voices. 'You like the voices, boss?' Well, I don't mind the voices, Voice. It's better than ... never mind.

Here we go!

Commenting on the Luxembourg AIFM licence, Federico Giannandrea, Partner and Head of Southern Europe at Foresight says: "Our permanent establishment in Luxembourg marks an important milestone in Foresight's strategic expansion in continental Europe. This is the third step, following the establishment of our Italian and Iberian offices, of a wider plan to consolidate Foresight's position among the top sustainable asset managers Worldwide."

Nice one, Feddy! 'Federico, you mean?' Shut up! He's a friend. 'Oh, all right.'

Adela Baho, Director and Conducting Officer comments: "By establishing the Luxembourg AIFM, Foresight will be able to strengthen its footprint in renewable infrastructure in the wider continental Europe. We expect to be an active participant in the European 'Green Deal' and become a leader in long-term investing into the resilient infrastructure required to enable the transition to a sustainable society."

Nice one, Adela!

Jasper Jansen, Director and Conducting Officer, adds: "The setup of our new office in Luxembourg demonstrates Foresight's commitment to Europe and especially to Luxembourg and our toolkit for Investment Vehicles. The new AIFM will allow Foresight to continue to provide a stable regulatory and compliant investment framework for our broad base of professional/institutional and retail investors in the EU and UK."

Nice one, Jasper!


Okay, okay.

'Are Adela and Jasper friends of yours too, boss?' No. 'Oh.' It's the first I've heard of them. 'Where do you know Feddy from then?' What's it to you? 'I was just wondering, that's all. Was he in the desert in the old days?' Ha! Forget about the old days, idiot!



Anything else? Music? My BIG TEN ... ?!

Listen! Hopefully, I'll be able to get those two lyrics soon, and then my BIG TEN might be all right for a while.

[I've been putting off writing the lyric for Life and Death because I know it's going to be a big job.]

I mean, how good do I have to be as an unknown artist? Do you know what I mean?

If I were an established artist with only three great songs -

And Rain Came Down
Good Times

... on my Best Of collection, well ... I could make a living, you dig? A lot of artists would be happy with just those three, man.

Oh, kooks! ... I'm still planning to stop the music updates and personal talk. Seriously. I want the front of my blog to be cold and remote by the time the end comes - if you know what I mean. Not ... THE END ... beautiful friend. Christ, no! Just the end of my "literary" life as I move on to a-rocking and a-rolling.

You dig?


Ha! Of course you do!