Thursday, 21 January 2021


Okay, okay. Just stuff today, for the last post of the week, like. I've got some PR emails, but I'm not in the mood for looking at them. There's one about a wealth tax, which is just ridiculous. You can't stop people living their lives, man, and then take away loads of their money and property that, uh ... they've probably worked for. Do you know what I mean?

What a world! Yeah, yeah.

Music? I've made a few small changes to Girl. It's more or less perfect now. A great four-minute rock song! / It's horrible thinking of the past, yes ... but I wish I had written songs as good as this thirty years ago. I wish had been able to play as well, too. On a more positive note: at least we have the internet these days. It's the best way of getting "discovered", I reckon - if you've got your shit together, of course.

I've got my shit together.

Listen! One thing I've noticed about the swans in the park: they don't rush around, chasing scraps of food. I often see people throwing bits of bread into the lake. The ducks go mental. But the swans are totally cool and above it. Aloof. Or maybe they just don't like bread. I don't know.

The dolphins are probably the same. ['They like people giving them fish, don't they?' Yeah. Not bread.] Classy. Special.

Which reminds me! I really should buy some more Sunspel polo shirts. I've got two. That's okay for important occasions, BUT(!) ... I need to start dressing and feeling like a star 24/7. 

Do you know what I mean? Oh, I hope so, kook(s).