Monday, 4 January 2021


What on earth is that?!

Well, Levine Leichtman Capital Partners have just sold it.

Let's find out more, blog freak(s)!

THE HAGUE, December 28, 2020 - Levine Leichtman Capital Partners ("LLCP"), an international investment firm, announced today ("Last Monday") that it has sold its portfolio company Futurewhiz, the parent company of Squla, WRTS and Scoyo ("Futurewhiz" or the "Company") to NPM Capital.

Yeah, this PR email is a week old. 'That's all right, boss.' Of course it is! We've just had Christmas, and it's the only email I've got. No one is working yet. 'Except you.' Ha! I'm a glutton for punishment, Voice. Always have been.

Anyway ...

Futurewhiz is the leading consumer education company in the Netherlands and provides interactive educational tools for primary school pupils (Squla) and secondary school students (WRTS). Squla is linked to the national curriculum and is designed to supplement a student's education in a fun and adaptive way. The company's products are used in over 50,000 classrooms and by over 1.4 million users throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. Recently, Futurewhiz continued its international expansion through the acquisition of Scoyo, which added over 7 million potential users in the German market.

All right. I mean, it sounds all right. 'What does Wouter say, boss?' Who?! 'Wouter. Our Wouter.' Oh, him. Let's find out ...

Wouter Snoeijers, Managing Director of LLCP, says, "LLCP's investment in Futurewhiz has been extremely successful for the company and all of its stakeholders. We supported the company's execution of two transformational acquisitions, adding new products and expanding into new end markets and geographies. The company is now strongly positioned to continue to execute on its growth strategy, and we wish them continued success in the future."

Okay, okay. Thanks, Wouter. But why did you sell it, son? 'That's what they do, man. They buy companies. They invest in them. And then they sell them.' Oh, okay. But I bet they don't buy them for ... NO MONEY ... like Dan Pena. 'Ha! Dan's probably a genius or something.' Yeah. Probably.

Right. Serge wants to say something ...

Serge Bueters, CEO of Futurewhiz, comments, "We are grateful for LLCP's support over the past several years.  LLCP has made significant investments in the growth of our two platforms and helped prepare Futurewhiz for its next phase."

Fair enough.



Anything else?


Well, I've done the hypnosis over a hundred times now, but this morning's session was the first time I've heard tunes while doing it. 'Nice one!' Unfortunately, I forgot the tunes after coming out of the deep trance I was in. 'Oh.' Never mind, eh?

Dan Pena ... again?

Well, I reckon I'll have to go with Dan's blood-out-of-the-eyes way of working BECAUSE ... if I stop for any reason - any reason! - I get anxiety. And I'm not reading any news or watching any YouTube videos or films until after ten at night - when my day is over, like. I might not even listen to music during the day. 'Eh?!' I'll do my blogging. And I'll do my music. But that's all. 'And the world?' And the world can do one!


Sunspel keep sending me emails about their sale. But I'm not made of money. Listen! One day, I'll probably buy all their stock. I might even buy the company. 'Would that be a good investment, Mikey?' It would, Voice, if I were a global superstar who only ever wore Sunspel clothes. 'Oh, clever.' Yes.

Anyway ...

Later(s), kook(s)!