Monday, 25 January 2021

Who in the sky is Charles O'Riordan?!

Ha, ha, ha! Don't get upset, everyone! I just thought it would make a nice change from saying: Who on earth is Charles O'Riordan?! Stuff like that. 'Thank God, boss!' Ha! Shut up, you little idiot! You don't care.

Anyway, who is he, this right Charlie?

Foresight Group ("Foresight"), a leading independent private equity and infrastructure investment manager, is pleased ("Delighted") to announce that Charles O'Riordan has joined the private equity team. Based in Cambridge, Charles will support the deployment of the £100 million Foresight East of England Fund.

Oh, okay. It's a PR email, dear reader(s). 'From Foresight again.' So?

Charles joins Matt McLoughlin and Bill Yost in Foresight's Cambridge office, strengthening Foresight's commitment to the East of England. His focus will be on building relationships and identifying investment opportunities in the region. Charles has worked with UK small and medium-sized enterprises ("SMEs") for his whole career, having originally trained as a chartered accountant at PwC. Most recently Charles was at KPMG in Cambridge, advising business owners throughout the East of England on a range of transactions.

Okay, okay. Let's hear more about this fund.

The Foresight East of England Fund is Foresight's fifth regional private equity fund and invests in SMEs in the East of England. Cornerstoned by the Cambridgeshire Pension Fund, the £100 million Fund targets long term value growth and provides a permanent pool of capital to fund businesses in the region and beyond. Foresight has opened an office in Cambridge and made a number of local hires to ensure it works closely with the region and its businesses.

Ha, ha, ha! Oh, sorry. I shouldn't laugh, really. 'What is it, boss?' Well, Voice ... are these small and medium businesses? 'Yes, they are. They said so.' Because if we have lockdown until the summer, only the big corporations will be left, man.

Anyway ...

The Fund typically invests up to £5 million into established companies with a view to assisting management with their growth ambitions. It invests across a broad range of sectors, across the full range of transaction types including buy-outs and equity release.

Oh dear.

Foresight looks to build returns for investors and management teams by supporting companies with their growth plans, providing both capital and expertise. Last year Foresight completed 20 new investments alongside 24 follow-on investments, deploying £100m into its growing portfolio of over 100 UK SMEs.

Ah, never mind.

Okay, okay. Let's go to the voices ...

Commenting on Charles' appointment, Matt Smith, Partner at Foresight, says: "We are delighted ("Excited") to have Charles ("Chas") on board. His extensive knowledge and contacts in the region's business community will be a valuable asset as we continue to work with more companies and advisers in the region. We look forward to adding to the team over time."

Well, fair enough. Good luck with it, Matt!

Charles? Come on, son!

Charles O'Riordan adds: "I am pleased to be joining Foresight, adding to their presence in the East of England. The region has a rich and diverse population of ambitious and successful businesses and I look forward to working with these companies to help them achieve their growth ambitions."

Well ... I wish you all the best, Charles. I really do.



Anything else? 

Hypnosis? I did it for the first time this morning since last Wednesday. I was feeling great before I even started, so ... is it dangerous to keep going?

I don't think it is. I mean, I can just keep adding more visions and, uh ... cosmic power, you dig?

'You can't have too many visions, boss. Or cosmic power.'

I know, Voice, I know.

Music? I've made a rough recording of Girl, and it's not rough at all - to be honest with you.

Listen! Whatever you're doing in life, kook(s), keep doing it for years, and years, and years. That's my advice.