Monday, 13 December 2021

Interview request

Okay, okay.

Hello Michael, I hope you're well and having a lovely day. 

I'm writing to you specifically as, one of Hong Kong's most illustrious business names, William Je (Founder & CEO, Hamilton Investment Management Ltd) has requested an interview with you.

Oh good! Someone wants to talk to me about music. 'I doubt he specifically wants to talk to you though, boss.' I know, Voice, I know. It's a PR email thing. But I don't care. I just like to talk about music.

Anyway ...

William can provide expert insight on the following topics: 

The evolution and challenges of crypto regulation
The mounting pressure for UK crypto investors to comply with HMRC crypto-tax requirements
El Salvador's adoption of bitcoin as legal tender being an 'exception and not the model for the future' 
However, if there are any other topics that you may prefer to speak about, I can let you know if William is open to discussion. 

Please do let me know if this opportunity interests you. 

Uh, Christ. 'Ha!' Ben, mate, this is a music blog, yeah? 'Who's Ben?' The PR guy. 'Of course. It says here William might be open to discussion on other topics.' Yeah, yeah.

Okay, okay. If he's serious ... What was Roxy Music's best period? The early "crazy" stuff, or the late "smooth" stuff?


Ah, never mind. 'Let's hear more about this William Je character.' Okay ...

Mr. Je is the Chief Executive Officer of Hamilton Investment Management Ltd, a global fund manager with multi-billion assets under management. His portfolio includes private equity investments in licensed banks, Fintech and social media projects and multi-strategy algorithmic trading funds. He is also the founder of Himalaya Exchange, a global digital exchange with a full ecosystem including a blockchain payment App, a stable coin and a trading coin. 

Prior to that, Mr. Je was the Chairman of Equity Capital Markets, Greater China at the Macquarie Banking Group for 10 years, managing its Greater China capital markets and principal investment activities. Prior to Macquarie, Mr. Je served as the joint venture partner and managing Director of China Merchant Securities (Hong Kong) Limited, help building its business in Hong Kong from scratch. Mr. Je also served as an Executive Director at Credit Agricole Indosuez and a Board member of its securities arm, Indosuez W.I. Carr Securities; Director & Head of Business Development at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and a Vice President at NatWest Markets.

Fine. I mean, it's really impressive. But does he have an opinion on Roxy Music?


Never mind.


Anything else?

Fitness? I'm giving the push-ups a rest for a week, maybe two, because I've got a pain in my lower back, so ... 'How do you know the pain was caused by the push-ups?' I don't. It's just a sensible precaution. So I'm just doing some dumbbells, you know, pushing and pulling exercises. 'Nice one!' Yeah.

My diet? I've got to stop eating snacks, man. My weight has been stuck at a certain level for a couple of months, but I need to lose more. 'Get rid of the sandwiches, boss, and start having Cup a Soups for lunch.' Ha! Sod that!

Yes, kook(s), this is a fitness blog. 'I thought it was a fashion blog.'

It's a self-help blog, actually.