Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Press conference?

Will I be going? I mean ... this close to Christmas? 'Where is it, boss?' Switzerland, Voice. 'Christ!' Yeah, I know.

Anyway ...

Blackstone Resources AG: Press conference on the market launch of 3D-printed lithium-ion batteries will take place online on 07.12.2021.

Oh, it's online! 'Will you be watching it online then?' No. Life is too short. However, I hope that everyone involved with it has a great time.

[It was yesterday, actually. Ha!]

Ad hoc announcement according to Art. 53 LR.

Yeah, whatever.

BAAR, Switzerland 01.12.2021. Blackstone Resources AG is pleased to announce that our industry-wide highly anticipated press conference on 07.12.2021 can take place despite the tightened Thing situation in Saxony; but now as a virtual event. "In order to protect participants and our employees, we have decided, after intensive internal consideration, to change the presence event to a virtual event," explains Ulrich Ernst, CEO.

Yeah, yeah. I still ain't going to Switzerland. 'Saxony is in Germany, boss.' Whatever! I ain't going there either.

['It's over! Why doesn't he read these emails properly?']

Oh ... it's all online, of course. I ain't going online though.

The online event will be moderated by Peter Schwierz.

Nice one!

Okay, okay. Let’s hear from Ulrich, again ...

"We are excited to finally lift the curtain and present our revolutionary manufacturing process to the global public. Our 3D-printed batteries are a world first - and a game changer: We use them to achieve a 20% increase in the energy density of the charge carriers while drastically reducing environmentally relevant impacts. At the same time, the method relies on an environmentally friendly, purely water-based process and reduces waste materials by more than 50%," explains Ulrich Ernst, CEO.


The deadline is causing a stir in both the industry and the media on the occasion of numerous milestones: For the first time, members of the press will be able to witness the production of the lithium-ion batteries in Germany and watch the revolutionary 3D printing process live.

Causing a stir? 'You're missing out, boss!' Yeah, yeah.

[I've already missed it! Why don't I read these emails properly?]

"Our quantum leap in battery manufacturing is making an important and sustainable contribution to the transportation transition and in the fight against climate change," says Serhat Yilmaz, CMO of Blackstone.


Good luck with it all!



Anything else, kook(s)?

Why did I start thinking of a novel? Well, I had this dream, you see. 'Ha! It's always a dream with you.' Shut up, idiot! I'm one with the cosmos.

Anyway, yeah ... I had this dream a few weeks ago where I was able to write the rough draft of a novel in only three or four hours, using pen and paper. When it was finished, I didn't read through it, I just put it under my bed - in the dream, like. Then when I woke up, I started to wonder how long it would take to really do a rough draft. And as I say, I reckon it could be done in five days. Not necessarily five days in a row. I mean, it could be five Sundays, you dig?

Anyway, I was on my guitar last night, yeah, playing the songs for my demo, without recording them BECAUSE ... I still don't want to record, man. Don't ask me why.

So ...

Mighty Soul

... will get me out of the shit. The novel? That's Plan B.