Thursday, 13 March 2008

Does Standard Life's Sandy Crombie use crystals?

Sandy Crombie - chief executive of Standard Life - has been talking about how he is in no hurry to retire. He has said, 'I have not got a retirement date. In that sense things are crystal clear.'

Crystal clear? Well, no wonder he has no plans to retire yet. He may be approaching sixty, but he is still full of life and energy, and I imagine that is all down to the power of crystals. Keith Busby says, 'When I had my nervous breakdown, the only thing that got me through the bad times was my favourite crystal. I carried it everywhere, and the cosmic love that radiated from it lifted me up to a higher level of existence. Away from all the shit, the scum, the parasites sucking my life away. I was free and clear. Sandy's the same. He's operating on a different level to all the Standard Life goons he's surrounded by. Good luck to him.'