Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Market heal itself?

Josef Ackermann, chief executive of Deutsche Bank, said last week that he no longer believes in the market's self-healing power. Why not? Because he believes in something else now.

He believes in the power of shamans and mystics! He knows the market can't heal itself. The market needs mystical healing. O markets of the world, bring the light and the power of Big Herb into the market place. O bankers, O traders, you are the chosen ones, and Ganesh loves you just as much as Big Herb does. Rejoice! And behold the money king! Yes, I, Michael Fowke, am the money king, and I will lead you from misery to joy. I laugh at the credit crunch - it's nothing to me! A nightmare we shall all wake from. But the vision of the holy cash will live on and grow in our hearts. Have no fear. Cry not. A mystical burning will take hold of us soon, and we will make so much money. It's coming!