Monday, 3 March 2008

Warren Buffett: is death the end?

Some disturbing news. In a letter to shareholders last week, Warren Buffett - chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway and the so-called 'Sage of Omaha' - said that he had discarded the notion of continuing to manage the portfolio (BH) after his death. Well, this just smacks of defeatism to me. There is no reason why - when he finally passes over to the other side - Mr Buffett cannot continue running, or at least monitoring, his business.

I have been speaking to David Pitt about Warren, and he said, 'This is just crazy talk. Crazy, crazy, crazy talk. Look at Big Herb. Sure, he is no longer the boss of Herb Finance, but as the money god in the world of spirit he has far more power and influence than he ever had on earth. When the terrible day comes, Warren should take a leaf out of his book. Big Herb should be the model for all bosses and chief executives who are facing the prospect of shuffling off this mortal coil and moving on to the undiscovered country with a bare bodkin. But I suppose it all depends on how mystical or spiritual you are. I feel sorry for those poor atheist freaks among us who don't believe in God, spirits, the afterlife, Satan, angels, the astral plane and all the rest of it. What have they got to look forward to? Well, the problem is, if they don't sort out their financial affairs before they pop their clogs, they could find themselves on the other side without a pot to piss in. And then they would have to go through all the grief of contacting someone like Keith Busby. Now, he may be an award-winning financial psychic, but I personally think Keith is a total twat. I wouldn't go to him if I wanted to know what the time was, let alone ask him to transfer my money and shares from earth to heaven. Well, anyway, atheists are pretty dumb, aren't they? Frankly, I don't give a shit what happens to any of them. Sod 'em.'