Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Octane Holdings is moving from Zurich to London!

I'm ashamed to say I don't know much about Octane Holdings. [You don't know anything at all, do you, Michael?] I know it's a fund of hedge funds sort of thing, and I know it's based in Zurich, Switzerland. I know it's owned by Sanlam, whoever he is. And I know that Robert Roux is a mate of Sanlam's. However, I know nothing about Mr Roux. [Couldn't even get him on the phone, could you, arsehole?] I couldn't even get him on the phone. But I have managed to bring him into my head. [Why aren't I surprised?]

O Master, who is that?

O my child, ignore him. [A bit of a pause, yeah? Go on, my son!] Yes, Bobby Roux is here in my head.

Mikey, exciting news! Octane Holdings is moving from Zurich to London!

But why, Bobby? Why would it move?

They want to be close to you, all the Octane people, like in that Carpenters' song.

Well, Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote it.

How are you getting on with your songwriting?

[Yeah, this will be interesting.]

Quite well, actually. I came up with a classic chord sequence and rhythm for the verse of a song a few weeks ago, but couldn't find a decent melody for it. Then yesterday, I was singing a dummy lyric over it in a 'Neil Diamond' voice and -

[Neil Diamond!]

And the melody just fell into place. I need a chorus now, or maybe a variation on the verse that will serve as a chorus, and I need some lyrics. It's shaping up nicely.

I wouldn't mind listening to it, when it's finished.

[Octane Holdings, anyone?]

Listen, mate, I don't know who you are, but you're not welcome here, okay? Those square brackets are my square brackets. They are not for your use, understand? Do you understand?

O Master, I think he's gone.

Bobby? Bobby?

Bobby's gone too.

That's the end of the post then.