Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sabotage at the London Stock Exchange!

There was a problem with the Turquoise trading platform at the London Stock Exchange yesterday. Between 8.30 and 10.30 in the morning the trading platform was shut down by a sinister figure seen floating in the air, all dressed in black.

There are always going to be problems with a turquoise dark pool (or any dark pool, let's face it). Turquoise may be a very positive mystical colour, the colour of angelic souls, of spiritual teachers, and of the holy love that exists beyond space and time [love has a colour?!], but dark pools are places of unmitigated evil, these trading platforms on the lower levels, where all the demons are, where Jack Pickles struts about, where Satan rules. I suppose the LSE imagines that this colour will offer protection. No, it will not. In time the turquoise will turn black, all black. As black as Jack's heart. A black trading platform! And that figure? That was Jack. He was there, yesterday. What a nightmare! And it goes on. Will Xavier Rolet ever wake from it?

Well, I have been speaking to Mr Rolet, in his nightmare. This is what was said in the darkness: 'Mikey, I am feeling incredibly low. I have no energy, no enthusiasm. What's wrong with me, man? Why do I suffer so? There was a time when I loved to love and my baby just loved to dance. But I can't see those days returning. (Yes, Xavier, she was a cosmic dancer, wasn't she? Didn't she say that she was dancing when she was eight, and that she was worried that it may have been rather strange to dance so late?) Yes, you have a very good memory, Michael. She danced herself into the tomb. Personally, I thought it was strange of her to dance so soon. She left the tomb eventually. But she doesn't dance any more. Maybe that's why I'm so depressed. (No, Xavier, Jack has fucked you up. And not just your consciousness. He's damaged your aura. Your chakras have stopped whirling as well. Yesterday's sabotage had a terrible effect on you. I'm afraid this is only the beginning. There's more to come.) O Master, what can I do? How can I wake from this nightmare? Instruct me! (Get rid of the dark pool.) Mikey, I can't do that! (Go to hell then.) Mikey, please! (Xavier, there is no hope for you if you insist on continuing with this Turquoise nonsense.) Oh God! If only my baby would dance again! (That won't do any good.) It would make me feel better, just watching her. (I don't think you understand how serious this all is, Xavier.) How's your baby, Mikey? (She's not my baby, yet, but I'm writing a song - 'Hey Gillian' - about her.) Smart move. They love all that, the ladies.'

Oh dear. Dark pools. I just hope he takes my advice.

Update: Right, I've been fiddling around with my song for the last few hours, and I've discovered that 'Stacy-Marie' fits into the melody better than 'Hey Gillian'. Not only that but I have some cool lines as well.