Thursday, 11 November 2010

Rabbi Milton Balkany is going down for extortion, blackmail, wire fraud, all sorts

Rabbi Milton Balkany has been found guilty of trying to rip off SAC Capital. He claimed he had knowledge of insider trading at the firm, and he wanted $4 million to keep quiet about it. Now he is facing up to twenty years in prison. But it’s Jack Pickles who should be doing time and eating porridge. I can't prove a thing (you never can with Jack); however, I just know he was involved in this. There's no way a rabbi would try to extort money from a hedge fund without a demonic force behind him - or even inside him. That's Jack. He is that force. The man is evil. How many times do I have to tell you, dear reader(s), before you understand? A lot of you like to pretend he doesn't exist. I know, I know. It helps you sleep at night, doesn't it? Well, when the hell are you people going to wake up?! You're asleep all day long too. Enough's enough!

I feel so alone sometimes. Fighting Jack, it's like I'm fighting my own shadow. It was so cold last night. Did I imagine his icy fingers around my neck at three in the morning? You tell me. I don't know what's real and what's a fantasy any more. What is a fantasy? Am I a fantasy? Did I imagine myself? Did Jack imagine me? Maybe Jack exists, and I don't exist. That would be even worse, if it were true. There would be no light in the financial world. For I am the light. I am the way. I am a candle in the wind. Satan is the wind. Jack is a mild breeze. I should be able to beat him.

I am the light. I am the way. I truly believe that. Jack is a puppet. Forget him! Satan is everywhere.

I am the light. My head of fire will show you. It's so cold today.

My fingers, my icy fingers, want to kill me.

I am alone, with voices that are not people.

Should I link to a vulgar financial blog in New York? Could I escape my despair by finding refuge in blandness and mediocrity? No, I will leave that to the others. The philistines, the morons. Let's not forget the phoneys!

This is weakness. These words, these thoughts. There must be some strength within me somewhere. I shouldn't write when I'm in such a state. Silence is the best policy when you feel all broken up inside. But I will continue. I will go on. And on and on and on. It all goes on. It never stops. This will not be deleted, not even edited. I have no shame. This is my weakness. Live with it. I have to live with it. This is not a game. It's not a bit of fun.