Wednesday, 24 November 2010

SEC freezes Richard Dalton and Universal Consulting Resources

Have you ever been frozen by the SEC? Those dudes are cold, real cold, and they will freeze you if you let them. I, on the other hand, will burn the fuck out of you. So what you gonna do? Are you going with them, or are you coming with me?

Come with me. Richard Dalton wanted to come, but he couldn't. I don't know what he was doing with his diamond investing. Not sure I care. But this is what the SEC reckons: 'The SEC alleges that Richard Dalton and Universal Consulting Resources LLC (UCR) raised approximately $17 million from investors in 13 states for two fraudulent offerings that were generally referred to as the "Trading Program" and the "Diamond Program." Investors in both programs received monthly payments which Dalton told them were profits from successful trading. However, there is no evidence to substantiate the $10 million in claimed profits from the two programs, and the vast majority of funds that came into UCR bank accounts were from new investors instead of actual profit-generating activity. Dalton used money from new investors to fund the monthly payments to existing investors while continuing to recruit new investors in order to keep his scheme going. Meanwhile, Dalton stole investor funds to purchase a home and a vehicle and pay for his daughter's wedding reception.' More here. It was a goddamn Ponzi scheme, apparently. But I ain't gonna judge him. Only God can judge him.

All I know is, diamonds are forever. It take more than a website to kill my vibe does, he write his own posts, so sort of, I think 'em, that mean I forgot better shit than u ever thought up. Damn, is he really that caught up? I ask if you talkin' bout classics, do my name get brought up? You understand? No?

Come with me. Let's forget about Dalton and the SEC. God will settle it. Let's concentrate on the burning. Do you want the burning?

I'm feeling so happy today. Ecstatic! Not in the pit of despair, wailing and gnashing teeth, like yesterday. I have more moods than Van Gogh on crack. It's true, but on a day like this, I don't even need no angel to save me, as gorgeous as she is, as wonderful. All I need is the burning inside. I'm itching! This is like a disco inferno, the way I am, right now, in my soul. And I want you, dear reader, to feel the same. Are you reading this at work? Are you surrounded by a bunch of zombies who have no inkling they're born? No one told them they could live, so they just mope around, grey. It's death, but not as we know it. That ain't you. You're reading this, so you must want the fire. Am I right? Squares don't read my blog. I make squares wet themselves, the pussies. Are you a real man? Are you a real woman? Maybe a bit of both? It doesn't bother me. BUT - I dare you to jump on to your desk. Do it! And scream: 'Motherfuckers, I'm burning this place down. Then I'm taking you all to the astral desert. Mikey and the gang will burn us up. Come with me or die!' Reader, man, come with me, they will come with you, and we will all come together in a heap in a sandy world of flames. This is the way. The ultimate pleasure. And it's free of charge. You don't have to invest a penny! Not one penny! Now take my love. Take it in your mouth! Taste it! Your mouth is burning. My mouth is burning. Look into my eyes. Match me! Come with me! Smash the office up. Leave it all behind. Inside, that's where the fun is. Everything you want is inside of you. You can travel a trillion billion miles in your head. I do it all the time and there's nothing wrong with me, is there? We're gonna riot! We're gonna destroy, and create. Heaven in our heads! And hell for those left behind in the office. Tie them to their swivel chairs, the unbelievers. Spin them like cosmic Catherine wheels until they too float off into space. We will force it upon them. You believe or you die. That's the rule. I'm not fucking around any more. In this mood [Christ, let it last!!!] I am a god. I am a god in human form. Nothing can touch me. My fingers are burning. This feels so good. I hope you're feeling it too. Wherever you are. The City. Wall Street. I hope your office is destroyed. I hope there's chaos. Give me everything I want. I want your devotion. Your belief. I want your fucking ACTION!