Friday, 5 November 2010

Why is Andy Crossley leaving Invesco Perpetual?

Andy Crossley, the manager of the Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Companies Growth fund, is going gentle into that good night after eighteen years at Invesco Perpetual. A good man, the last wave by, crying how bright his frail deeds might have danced in a green bay? No, it's not as bad as that. I've given you the wrong impression, haven't I? [What's new?]

Andy Crossley once said: 'My universe of stocks is so vast and varied.' And that's the truth. What he wants, more than anything now, is to float off, out, off, out, further, into the cosmos, to join his stocks. [He's leaving the earth? It's all right for some.] Dear reader, I will have my square brackets back by next week.

I suppose I should have a little conversation with Andy Crossley in my head. In an ideal world, I would. [But?] I'm feeling ... [Like you're drifting over the broken glass of your words. Nothing has changed since yesterday. You can't go on like this.] Next week ...

It's not as if I'm one of those ... [One of those ... ?] It's not as if ...

I was doing so well this morning. I enjoyed speaking with Guy. [Why don't you play your guitar for a while?] If I want your advice, I'll ask for it. That's enough.

[I would just like to thank you all for reading. Michael has gone off to get a coffee now. I'll finish up. This will probably be the last time you hear from me - if the 'Master' has his way. I don't know what -