Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Who is Robin Hepworth? Why is he turning cash into gold?

And why is he so damn ethical? Robin Hepworth manages the Ecclesiastical Amity International fund. He's turning cash into gold because he's worried about inflation. Fair enough. We're all worried about inflation, aren't we?

I'm worried about the ethical rubbish though. That's my main concern. 'We can't invest in miners. There might be the odd situation where it is possible but generally we can't because of their impact on the environment.' More here.

The environment?! Is he for real? Who cares about the environment? We must destroy everything. The polar bears must go. Not that you get a lot of polar bears down mines. Mr Hepworth hasn't considered that. Mine away! The polar bears are safe, for the time being, those vicious bastards!

The earth won't last. Live with it, or without it. We're all going away. We're only passing through. Why should we care?