Friday, 12 November 2010

Philip Falcone ain't worried about a thing

Phil Falcone is the big man at Harbinger Capital, and he ain't worried about a thing. He's never been worried about a thing. Goldman Sachs and the Blackstone Group may want their money back, but so what? It's not the end of the cosmos.

Investors worry about all kinds of crap, don't they? Phil and I will start worrying when the cosmos collapses, when our chakras stop whirling, when our auras turn to shit. That's the time to worry. When the fire goes out. When passion dies. When love turns cold.

What would Jesus do? Oh, forget him. He's small potatoes. What would God do? [If God died, we would have to bury Him a G. Thug life.] If God had money at Harbinger, would He want it back? These investors are mixed up like a bowl of nuts.

The higher I get, the closer God seems. Phil understands. He has been in the desert. And in graveyards. There are bones in graveyards, six feet deep, no light. If these bones could come alive with new flesh, would they want their money back? Did they even have any money invested? We are not aware of everything that happens for a reason or no reason. We are in the dark ourselves.

Questions. Answers. What a comedy! When will 'they' realize that there are no questions? So how could there possibly be any answers? Despair goes on. It goes away. It comes back. If you are intelligent. King Solomon knew. But let's try to fight it, eh? We will not go gentle into that evil night.