Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Aspect Capital has launched a UCITS fund!!!

Well, well, apparently. YES!!! / Okay, okay. I, I - 'Boss, where did you get this news, man?' On their website, man! 'Oh. Not a PR email then?' No, no, no. I'm doing some work. I feel energetic! 'Wow!' Yeah, yeah. Big time! I even went to Bloomberg to find out about Anthony Todd. 'Who's he?! Who the -' He's only the chief executive of Aspect Capital, Voice. 'Oh. Wow! Nice one! / And, and ... what did, uh ... Bloomberg say about him?' Uh. This -

This person is connected to 0 Board Member in 0 organization across 0 different industries.

Jesus H. - !!! Some things never change. 'Ha! You weren't expecting Bloomberg to change, were you?' Not really, no. [They didn't even put the "s" s s s at the end of member and organization.] / Anyway, about this UCITS fund, from the Aspect website -

The Systematic Global Macro Programme utilizes a systematic relative value approach to global fixed income, stock indices, currency and volatility investing. It aims to generate absolute returns by managing a diversified, risk-controlled portfolio with low correlations to traditional and alternative asset classes. The UCITS vehicle has been structured to provide access to the complete Aspect Systematic Global Macro Programme.

It's, uh ... the UCITS vehicle they're launching, you see, to provide access ... to the programme. 'Vehicle?' Yeah. 'Like a bike, or ... car?' I don't know, man. 'But are they saying that people have to travel to the programme?' I really don't know. 'But it's ... a fund, ain't it?' Yes! I don't know! Maybe. Don't ask me, Voice, because I don't know. I'm on the mystical side of things, remember?

It's just, uh ... I don't know. I'm excited today, and confused, about NOTHING in particular. I think it's the heat, you know? It's finally got to me. I just ... 'Let's hear what our Tony has got to say, boss.' Tony? Tony? Tony? 'Yes, Tony! Maybe he can clear things up for us - and the readers.' Ha! Don't worry about the readers, Voice. They know more than they let on, believe me.

Anthony Todd, CEO of Aspect, said: "We continue to place great emphasis on designing innovative investment offerings that are accessible through a range of different vehicles. The Systematic Global Macro programme has been available for two years in segregated managed accounts. Over that time it has built a compelling track record and has proved of interest to many investors. We are therefore pleased to provide a new vehicle structure that many investors in Europe and beyond are looking for."

'Er ...' Ah, well, never mind, Voice. I wish them all the best with it, anyway.


Anything else? I can't record my songs in this heat, man. I'm going crazy. I'll do a conceptual, yes. I'll let rip today, really wild, you dig? 'Is that wise, Mikey?' Yes.