Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Tech investment in the UK

A huge boost, apparently. Not that it will do much good with Brexit on the horizon. 'Don't be so negative, boss.' Shut up, Voice! 'Ha! Only joking, man. Be as negative as you like.' Well, thank you. / Yeah, it's only £300,000, anyway. Maybe it will do some good, and maybe it won't. What do I know?

Last week saw Sadiq Khan launch a major new initiative to provide a boost to the tech sector in the capital. Announcing the programme at WIRED Live, he confirmed that City Hall intends to fund 20 investment days across the next four years. The Mayor will have full funding support from the UK Business Angels Association following their promise to match the Mayor's contribution.

So, uh ... angels, then. 'What ... real angels?!' I don't know. I hope so. It would be nice, wouldn't it? In these dark times, we could do with some hardcore spiritual help.

These investment days are vital to the UK tech sector, with over £140m raised through existing TechInvest days.

Okay, okay. £140 million. Not bad, I suppose.

The Mayor announced that the Greater London Authority will be investing £280,000 into the events programme, however this will be doubled following the UK Business Angels Association's announcement that they will match it. The events schedule will focus on different aspects of the tech sector over the next few years, allowing funding to reach a wider tech audience. The programme will also offer coaching for business leaders, who will be connected to experienced investors in the industry.

Right. The thing is, I don't think angels get involved with business, do they? Is it even allowed by God? 'No, it sounds dodgy, boss.' That's the problem with these PR emails, man. Can we trust what they say? I mean, I could send out emails telling everyone I'm the second coming of Jesus Christ. 'Yeah. I'm surprised you haven't done it already.' And I could ask people to invest in the holy Mikeycoin, but ... 'It would be total bullshit, boss.' Exactly! Of course it would.

Anyway, Jenny wants to say something ...

Jenny Tooth, CEO of the UKBAA, said: "The Mayor's new campaign reflects the huge range of innovative technologies, products and services being developed here in the capital; and demonstrates a strong capacity for scale and market disruption. UKBAA is delighted to continually support and highlight the success stories of the fantastic entrepreneurs in these sectors, as well as recognizing the contribution made by their investors who bring such vital finance and support. At UKBAA, we will continue to support the UK's tech growth with capacity building actions, including new regional Angel Hubs, combined with our new national e-learning programme on angel investing."

Okay, okay. Uh. Well, at least they believe in angels. That's something. So many business people are just awful squares who believe in nothing supernatural. 'What are angel hubs though?' Er, I presume they are ... well, offices for the angels to hang out in. You dig? 'Oh.' If they're coming to earth to help us, man, it's only fair that we give them a base to work from.

Okay, that's enough, dear reader(s). Laters.