Monday, 23 July 2018

Nick Pepe is going to Mill Hill Capital

Yes. Eventually. I wish him the best of luck, obviously. (It would be churlish not to.) 'Er ... what do you mean, "eventually", boss?' I mean, Voice, it's the summertime and the living is easy and our Nick doesn't actually want to be in no sweaty office at the moment, so ... he'll be joining Mill Hill in September, once the weather has cooled down a bit. 'Oh. Lucky him!' Exactly! / Here's a bit about the firm (from its website), dear reader(s) -

Mill Hill Capital is an investment adviser based in New York. The firm focuses on market-neutral relative value investments in US Credit. The fund seeks to identify asymmetrical strategies across securitized and corporate bond markets. We concentrate primarily on the following asset classes: CLOs, corporate financials, corporate transportation, Aircraft ABS, Esoteric ABS, non-agency mortgage-backed securities, and credit indices. The firm is led by David Meneret, formerly Head of Securitized Debt Trading at Macquarie and Senior Portfolio Manager for Macquarie Credit Nexus Fund.

You see? Over in New York, of course. I'm sure it's hot over there. It's certainly hot here. 'It ain't half hot, boss!' Whatever. / By the way, our Nick used to be at Citigroup, doing something or ... other. Uh. Probably other, knowing him. 'What will he be doing at Mill Hill, boss?' More of the same, I should think, Voice. Or something similar. Guys like our Nick don't change.

I think it's nice they don't change. The world is a mess. Let's have some consistency! Please!


Right. Anything else? My music? Oh, it's a fresh start today. 'Ha!' Yeah. Believe it, Voice, pop fan(s). / Man, one thing I've learnt from Elon Musk is, don't be afraid to think big and tell people that you're thinking big. You dig? I mean, he just tells people, "I'm building a city on Mars. Deal with it!" / Well, I reckon I only need one more song as good as Nothing to give me the material I need to record what I call the Citizen Kane of albums. The greatest album of all time. And future-proof, too. [If anyone ever surpasses the album, it will be me. No one else.] So ... deal with it!

Okay. Brexit? Christ! It's pretty obvious what's going on now. Look at all the leading Brexiters, man. They're running away and putting their money in safe places. What does that tell you?

Okay. Laters.