Thursday, 26 July 2018

So, uh ...

Yeah, yeah ... / It's the last post of the week, and I have absolutely no desire to write about the financial news because it's supposed to be the hottest day ever today. And I'm not so crazy that I would write about finance on such a day.

Also, there's no Voice today. I told him to not bother turning up for work. It's too hot to be dealing with his idiocy. He's probably on the astral plane now, getting a suntan. Good luck to him! Oh, we'll see him again next week. Well, not actually see him. The bastard is invisible. But we'll hear him. You know what I mean, dear reader(s) ... ? Yes, of course you do.

I'm looking forward to Sunday, frankly. They reckon it might be in the low twenties then. And that's a perfect temperature for recording my songs. Over the next three days, I hope to rehearse five or six hours a day. [Maybe I'll work on a new tune, too.] I'll just sit and play in front of the fan, man. And I don't mean pop fan. Christ! I don't have one pop fan following me around. I mean the fan to keep cool, you dig?

Actually, I think the fan gave me a migraine yesterday - which knocked me out from midday onwards. I can get a migraine from anything. It's a real nuisance. If I were touring, I would have to cancel gigs. That's how bad it can be.

So, uh ... The Beatles made a big mistake not putting Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane on Sgt. Pepper. [George Martin said it was the biggest regret of his career.] There are too many weak songs on that album. And those two songs would have made it more like a Citizen Kane of albums. Never mind, eh?

I've been listening to quite a few unsigned bands and artists on Twitter. All the songs are weak. The mistake they make - and it's the same mistake I made with my first demo - is ... the songs are just good enough. I mean, maybe they write a couple of songs which would be good enough to get on a Beatles album, and then, I suppose, they get the idea in their heads that they can write like Lennon and McCartney. But the songs won't be on the level of Hey Jude or A Day In The Life. They'll be like Dr Robert or The Night Before. You dig? You can't get a deal with such material, man. And the hard part is keeping a deal, by the way. One of my favourite albums is So Much For The City by The Thrills. But they were dropped eventually.

Anyway, I'm listening to The Thrills now. It's perfect Californian summer music. Laters!