Friday, 20 July 2018

It's the Friday morning blog post!

Well, well ... / So, uh ... 'What's the Friday morning blog post, boss?' It's, uh ... this, Voice. 'Oh. / And what are you going to write about?' Well, I did receive a PR email about artificial intelligence and how it will create lots of jobs in Britain. 'Ha!' Exactly. It's bollocks. Jobs will be lost. So I'm not writing about that.

Finance? No thanks. Not today. Man, I might change this blog into something else. 'A self-help motivational blog?' Oh, maybe. I don't know.


Ha! 'Ha!' Never mind.


Okay, okay. Music? Er ... I've said it before, pop fan(s), but I really need/want to write more songs like my big three, including Nothing - my best. I find it hard to get the enthusiasm together for "normal" songs now, even though they still need to be written, of course. Masterpieces are the way forward, man. [Maybe they always were.] Look at T.S. Eliot. 'He didn't write songs, boss.' Shut up, idiot! Eliot became one of the two greatest poets of the twentieth century [Yeats the other] by writing two poems, The Waste Land and The Hollow Men. Shamanic masterpieces! However, his early poems aren't all that, and Four Quartets is a load of phoney rubbish. You dig? And because those two poems are so MASSIVE!!! ... Eliot probably beats Yeats, who was arguably the better poet. / The polish and refinement and concentration and beauty of Yeats is something else. I successfully matched those qualities with my Nothing lyric, which is why I think it's better than any Bob Dylan lyric, even though it's quite a bit shorter than works like Desolation Row, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands ... and countless others. / Also, in the third verse I achieved Shakespearean grandeur which Dylan hasn't done in my opinion [despite reaching for it, admirably]. 'Show us!' Ah, it will all become clear when I finally put the songs on my other blog, the music one, yeah?

Not that you care, dear reader(s), because you're into FINANCE!!! ... for reasons best known to yourself. Have you seen a doctor about it? Seriously, son/daughter, we're not living in the age of Gordon Gekko no more. Wake up! Since 2007 it's all been shit. 'Yeah, and you've been writing about it since then, boss.' Yes, Voice, for my sins. I'm burning my bad karma off, man. And it's nearly done.

Well, have a nice weekend, alligator(s)! 'Later(s)!' Bye.