Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Everyone's having a go at Elon Musk about his submarine

Well, not everyone. But it's just any excuse these days to attack him. That submarine for kids is a new piece of technology - built over one weekend when most people were goofing off watching TV or something - and it will come in useful one day, I'm sure. / Obviously, the whole episode wasn't Elon's finest hour. His turning up in Thailand with a submarine that wasn't really needed in the end did have echoes of Gazza with his fried chicken, cans of beer, and fishing rod trying to comfort Raoul Moat, BUT(!) ... as a South African living in America, Elon wouldn't have been aware of this classic bit of English folklore.

The truth is, the human race has become lazy, even fallen asleep. Elon Musk is waking everyone up. The future is a sci-fi future thanks to him. In twenty years' time there will be people living and working on Mars, electric cars and planes and boats will be everywhere on earth, and we'll have space internet ... we might even have teleportation. Who knows?! This is the future, man. Elon has given other carmakers a kick in the ass (and balls). He's given NASA a kick in the ass. Things are happening now because one man wasn't prepared to goof off like everyone else. / So, leave him the fuck alone!


Anything else? Uh. Oh, you want more? I ain't got nothing else to say, dear reader(s). So ... 'Brexit, boss?' Get lost with your ridiculous nonsense, Voice! Seriously. 'Eh?! It's not mine! / Your music then?' Uh. I ain't got nothing to say, man. I'm playing my guitar. I'm rehearsing my songs. That's it. Leave me alone!