Monday, 16 July 2018

If I were Elon Musk ...

Well, no, no, okay, okay, the thing is, dear reader(s) ... Julius Caesar, Elon Musk, and I, Michael Fowke, are more or less the same person, anyway. 'Actually, boss, you're spiritual brothers. Cosmic triplets, as it were.' Yes, Voice, that's right. We're cosmic triplets. As it were. / This weekend though I've started thinking that Julius Caesar is the senior partner in the brotherhood. 'The older brother, boss.' Yes, Voice. Whatever. 'Why have you been thinking that then?' Well, Elon and I both had pretty awful weekends, and we behaved in ways that Caesar wouldn't have done.

Just starting with myself, I was very lazy at the weekend. I hardly did anything. I watched TV. 'Oh.' I mean, I played my guitar for a couple of hours. However, most of the time I was goofing off like any ordinary person. 'Oh dear. / What about Elon, boss?' Er ... well, Elon dealt with some bad publicity concerning his donation to the Republican Party by accusing one of the rescue divers in Thailand of being a "pedo". So, uh ... 'Oh dear.' Yeah. We both let ourselves down, man.

You see, dear reader(s), Musk acts like Caesar. He takes risks, takes massive action, and achieves great things. However, he doesn't quite possess Caesar's superior, aloof personality yet. [I believe it's something that can be developed with self-discipline.] Then there's me. I act like a normal person, always goofing off, being lazy. However, I've had the Caesarean personality ever since I can remember. Cicero once called Caesar a "teras". This is from Christian Meier's book -

Caesar had never been properly understood in Rome. Things now became worse. At the beginning of the civil war Cicero called him a teras, a wonderful, frightening, monstrous and inscrutable phenomenon of a higher order - so alien had he become to his peers. Yet it was in such alienation that he had found his freedom.

You see? 'Well, that's you all over, that is, boss.' I know it is, Voice! Elon needs to become like that*. And I need to start working around the clock, like Elon. 'But I thought you were!' Oh, man, I've been doing it in short bursts. Two days here, three days there. But I haven't been doing it consistently.


Never mind, eh? I'm sure everything will work out for the best. / How was your weekend, dear reader(s)?

*By the way, I've read that Elon admires Alexander the Great. Oh, big mistake, man!!! Alexander was a thuggish buffoon - and a cartoon character compared to Julius Caesar.