Monday, 30 July 2018

Put your troubles to the back of your mind, and put your goals to the front of your mind

Right. Okay. Day One of my new motivational blog. 'What, boss?!' This is my new motivational blog, Voice. 'Oh, you're not serious! Where's the financial news?!' Ha! No one has sent me any decent PR emails, man. I've looked around for news, but it's nearly August. Everyone's on holiday. No one's interested. There's NOTHING going on. I want to do SOMETHING else. ANYTHING!!!

Right. Okay. Anyway, what you've got to do, dear reader(s), is put all your troubles and fears, etc, to the back of your mind. You can't get rid of them. There's no chance they're going to leave you alone. But the trick is, to be vaguely aware of them ... while you focus on your goals and dreams and visions at the front of your mind. Focus on what you want to achieve. Hopefully, your troubles and fears will be behind your goals, pushing them forward. You dig? But what you don't want to do is spend your time thinking about all the bad shit in your life ... while the good shit you're going after just disappears. / Right. Touch the back of your head, reader(s). Do it now! And say to yourself: "This is the bad shit. I want nothing to do with it." Have you done that? Good! You can do it a few times, if you want. Right. Now, touch your forehead, and say: "This is the good shit. This is what I want, and I want all of it." Okay?

There's no need to thank me. Do it every day and see if things improve in your life. 'That's great, boss!' Thanks, Voice.


Anything else? I didn't record my songs yesterday. I've got a bad back. However, I'm not thinking about it, you dig? What I am thinking about, man, is the FACT(!!!) that I can record the Citizen Kane of albums with the songs I already have. Another song like Nothing would be nice, but I don't think it's needed. So I'm happy.

Brexit? Uh. Christ! I'm not happy about that. I'm sorry. I'm not happy about the army guarding supermarkets. That's not my idea of sunlit uplands. 'Put it to the back of your mind, Mikey!' I'm not happy about the Kremlin running our country - and America, too! / I suppose you've got to take your hat off to Putin. He's a clever guy. I mean, winning the Third World War without even firing a shot is just pure fucking genius. However, we shouldn't be happy about it.

Actually, we shouldn't think about it. You dig? Let's be happy!