Thursday, 5 July 2018

I'm a bit depressed today

So I won't be covering any financial news, if that's all right with you, dear reader(s). 'You don't want to make your mood any worse, boss.' Of course I don't, Voice. / I'm not in the depths of despair or anything like that. I just ... you know? 'Yeah, they know.' Yeah, you know, dear reader(s). I'm glad you understand. It's the end of the week, anyway. Maybe I'll do a fresh start next week. 'Another one?!' Ha! Well, that's the beautiful thing about fresh starts, man. You can always do another one.

So, uh ... music? I want this heat to pass. I can't record my songs in a goddamn sauna, you dig? 'Or are you just putting it off again, boss?' Well, I feel I'm ready now. I mean, I've had my three best songs for a while, but my performing wasn't so good. It is now. I've totally changed my guitar playing technique in the last three months, too ... hand positions, like a professional - which is nice.

Oh, there's a scene in the film Good Will Hunting where Ben Affleck tells Matt Damon that he's sitting on a winning lottery ticket but he's too much of a pussy to cash it in. Well, I ain't no pussy, man, but I do have a winning lottery ticket. I believe those three songs are the best songs ever written. Obviously, that could be my subjective opinion because I'm so wrapped up in myself and shit, BUT(!) ... people will consider them to be three of the best - at least. 'They would be wrong though, Mikey.' Yes, they would. Because those songs are THE VERY BEST. Let the devil take the hindmost! I don't care.

And that's all I’m living for, dear reader(s). You dig? So don't get upset when I neglect the financial news for a day or two. It ain't all that, anyway. Someone makes money, someone loses money. Who gives a toss?! Am I right? Or am I right? 'Ha!' Ha! You know I am.


Uh. Okay, okay. Well ... have a nice weekend! 'And don't do anything he wouldn't do.' Ha! Or the Voice, my friend(s). Don't do anything the Voice wouldn't do on the astral plane. Laters! 'Bye!'