Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Credit Suisse has named Ray Farris as chief strategist for fixed income in Asia Pacific

And I'm going to be very calm, and very boring. This is the way some of them like it. Ray Farris is remaining as global head of foreign exchange strategy. I don't see how he can do that. But it is none of my business.

I will not interfere. I have my own life, which I will not speak about any more. I have emotions, which I will not share. I have flesh, which 'they' cannot caress. I'm saving it for someone special.

O Master, do not speak of your flesh. It is not a boring subject, and you will not be able to keep calm for long. Let 'control' be your watchword.

Oh. Oh. Oh. Ah. I will let 'control' be my watchword. It's important to me. Five o'clock. Getting dark. That's personal too. Even a darkening sky is personal. Where's my astrologer? He would help me.

Maybe you should make a fresh start next week.

How many more fresh starts? Do you know what he told me, my astrologer? Well, it was ... personal, obviously. Where is Ray Farris in all of this? How did I lose my grip on Ray? I am truly a hopeless case.