Friday, 25 February 2011

Is it hedge funds?

Or is it something personal? I haven't got the energy to fight it any more. This tidal wave of emotion in my soul. Or wherever it is you have emotions. Speaking for myself, as only I can, I have emotions all over. I got emotion in my blood. I got emotion in my bones.

A black night. A grey morning. Now what do I do? They don't know what you're reading. They don't know what I'm up to. They are fools. I keep seeing a plastic image. What have they done to her? That's not what she is. Those bastards, men, think they can package her.

She is as free as I am trapped. It's going to be fragments. Find sense where you can. Make of it what you will. We won't get no dead souls touching this. I am too alive. Too deep. Too emotional. Let the slaves have their superficial fun and important news. They don't know how it's going to end.

I am as patient as a Japanese character on a riverbank, waiting for the bodies. I got all the time in the universe. And all the space is in my head. So, is it hedge funds? No, it ain't hedge funds. Not today. It's never been hedge funds. It's life and it's death.