Monday, 21 February 2011

Where is Brian Kim?

And what in the name of the Nazarene does he think he's getting up to? There is a rumour going around that Brian Kim, founder of Liquid Capital Management, CNBC pundit, Ponzi man extraordinaire, and fugitive from justice, is somewhere in Italy, living the high life on ill-gotten gains (allegedly), while his victims and the Feds, the SEC, the DA's office, the Marines, the CIA, the Navy SEALs, and Delta Force, all wail and gnash their teeth, 'cos there ain't nothing else to do in the circumstances. No one can touch him!

This is from Liquid Capital's website: 'Liquid Capital is a New York-based asset manager specializing in U.S. equity markets. Our firm has a dedicated and experienced management team, schooled in the black arts, that focuses solely on the Managed Futures sector, and combines this devilish expertise with the highest level of risk management infrastructure. Proprietary evaluation and risk management tools provide the foundation for industry-leading product design and portfolio management. Integrity and dedication to performance are our core principals [eh?] and we strive to be a trusted partner with the ability to protect and manage your assets in changing economic and market cycles. Also, we have no truck with those mystical fairies in the desert. We're with Jack on the lower levels.'

Oh, right. Nice. Fairies? I'd like to see him say that to my face.