Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Felix Salmon, blank, empty, lost

Felix Salmon started off blank, empty, lost. And that is the way we will remember him, one day, because he never changed. He is not likely to. There was a slight chance, that he is alive, somewhere, wandering alone, out there. If we want to discover the sort of body he would like to possess, it will be easy.

Felix Salmon refuses to make it hard for us. I remember him. We all want to. It is rumoured he had an identity, a long time ago. If we had known who he was, we will recognize him. Not that he would care. There was no desire. There is a layer of something similar to skin. We should not touch it. He makes little secret of it.

And time passes.

Felix Salmon has let himself be outed! We see him for what he is. A figure in a landscape, with some crows. A carrot for a nose. Buttons for eyes. We applaud him. He is so brave. This is the way he wants to live. At night, he moves. There is still life there. It is hard to believe. But I think we can believe.