Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Active Index Advisors - ?!

What the hell is that?! ... I bet you're wondering, dear reader(s). 'Ha!' And I don't blame you, BECAUSE ... it's Active Investment Advisors, really, that's why. They've just changed their name, out of the blue. As if there were some demand for it, I don't know. 'They're like Cheryl Cole, boss.' That's not her name, Voice.

But Bloomberg? Uh! They ain't messing around. They're already on the ball -

Active Index Advisors, LLC is an investment management firm that offers index-based managed accounts and tax management solutions. The firm offers diversification and risk control of index strategies and focuses on retail and institutional accounts. Active Index is based in San Francisco, California.

Very impressive (for once). / Of course, Active ... whatever could just call themselves Natixis Global Asset Management - if they wanted to stop breaking everyone's balls, like. 'Er ... why?' Because they're a division of that firm. I mean, it would be much easier, man.

Some people, though, want to do it the hard way. [It's so annoying for people like me, with very little time for games, yeah?] They're not happy unless they're upsetting everybody and just being a bloody nuisance, frankly. 'Stop writing about them, boss. Don't give them the oxygen of publicity!' Ah, it's my duty, Voice. My poor readers need to know. But it goes without saying that I would rather be playing my guitar.


Anything else? Well, it's still summer, reader(s). I could go to the park today, I suppose. Or ... I could stay in. I've got one lyrical idea I could be working on. 'Do it tonight, Mikey. Enjoy the park while you still can. What do you think the Aviva Investors mob will be doing?' Christ! You can't judge me by their standards, Voice. FFS!

Life of Riley. One big holiday. I can't live like that. I've got too much ambition, you dig?

Music? I've been thinking I need to write my lyrics the way I write my conceptual posts. Just do them in a set time period, and throw in loads of words until some stick. I can write my music in minutes - when I'm at my best. I need to get my lyrics in hours, man, not fucking days and weeks.

Right. What am I listening to? Just one song at the moment. Nice Dream by Radiohead. A great album track, from The Bends.

And now? Hang on! Er ... Wake Up Alone by Amy Winehouse. A really great album track.

Okay. Laters.