Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Fixed Income Leaders Summit 2016

Yippee! Well, er ... / Oh, I've been invited to the Fixed Income Leaders Summit this year, dear reader(s). I won't be going though. 'Why not, boss?' It's in Barcelona, Voice. I can't go all the way over there, can I? And I don’t like travelling, anyway. Now, if it were in Cornwall, that would be a different matter. 'What?! You would spoil a lovely time in Cornwall by going to some wretched financial summit?!' Ha! Probably not. But I don't think anyone is suggesting that this will be a "wretched" summit, man. They've got loads of top speakers. 'Oh yeah? Like who?' Well, like Laurent Albert. He's the global head of trading at Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management, you know. And then there's Carl James, global head of fixed income trading at Pictet Asset Management, and Brett Chappell, head of fixed income trading at Nordea Investment Management, and Paul Malloy, head of fixed income trading at Vanguard, and Christophe Marcilloux, uh ... deputy head of fixed income dealing at Amundi Asset Management, and - 'Yeah, yeah. Loads of fixed income guys.' Well, obviously. And Seth Johnson. He's the head of strategy global broking at ICAP! 'Wonderful!' And plenty of other guys. I'm sure they’ll have a great time. I just won't be there, that's all.

In a moment where shrinking dealer balance sheets, regulatory pressure and technological innovation are deeply changing the fixed income trading industry, the Fixed Income Leaders Summit will be the event to discuss this ongoing transformation and feel the pulse of the community. The conference will gather in Barcelona over 300 of the most influential heads of fixed income trading and portfolio management, to confront on priorities and strategies to face the market evolution.

You see? 'Okay.' It's in November. I wonder what the weather will be like ... ah, never mind.


Anything else? Music? My music? I ain't got much to say, really. And I don't do updates no more, as you know. 'Of course not.' However, I still need three lyrics, man. 'Damn!' The good news is, I reckon I'll be able to record all four songs (when they're finished) in two or three takes each. That's how much I've improved. Remember when it took me close to a thousand takes to get You're Lying - ? 'Ha!' Well, those days are over, thank God!

Anyway, laters, yeah? 'Today?' No, tomorrow. 'It never knows, Mikey!' Exactly!