Monday, 29 August 2016

Niten Capital Management?

Well, well ... Niten Capital. Oh, er, it's a new hedge fund that Takashi Makita is setting up. He's ex-BlueCrest, by the way. 'That's great, boss! A new hedge fund!' Well, I don't know, Voice. I mean, it's a computer hedge fund. Fucking algorithms, son. Not everyone's cup of tea. Especially not in mystical finance, you dig? 'Shame.' Yeah, just a couple of humans. Only Takashi and his mate Chiehmi Chan, as far as I can tell. 'Oh.' Chiehmi is (or will be) the chief executive officer. 'Has it been launched yet, the fund?' Uh, not yet, no. They're setting it up. 'So it's all pie in the sky then?' Ha! It will be launched. Give them a chance, for Christ's sake! They've got to raise some money first. 'How much?' Somewhere between $50 and $300 million. 'Ha! Only fifty dollars?' No! Fifty million dollars, idiot! They would actually like $300 million, obviously. 'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.' Don't be like that, Voice. It's early days yet. I'm sure they'll get it. Well ... maybe. 'Is the fund based in America?' No, London. 'So why do they want American dollars?' Christ! I don't know, do I? Maybe they think the pound ain't worth nothing no more. 'They might have a point there.' Yeah.


Anything else? 'Is that it, boss?!' It's a bank holiday, Voice. By rights, I shouldn't be working at all. I should be taking it easy, watching TV or something. 'Ah, don't tell me this is another one of your infamous fresh starts.' Okay, I won't tell you.

Forget him/it. / Anxiety? Don't talk to me about anxiety, dear reader(s). Constant activity is what we need! You get up in the morning. You do stuff, constantly. You don't think about a fucking thing. And then you go to sleep at night. Simple. What's not to like? / Of course, you get those philosopher wankers who like to think all the time. But I've had a gutful of them and their stupid advice. They live and die, man, just like a tea lady. Or a plumber. Or a taxi driver. Or a doctor. Or a musician. Or a banker. Or a fly. Or a rat. There is no difference. So, please, my friend(s), no more philosophy. Let's get busy!