Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Listening to the Vance/Musk audiobook on a loop will make or break your life

There's a theory in the world of self-development that you become the people you hang out with. If you're surrounded by losers, you will be a loser. And if you're surrounded by winners ... well, it's obvious, ain't it?

So, listening to the Vance/Musk audiobook on a loop is basically like being in a very close friendship with Elon Musk. But can you live up to his standards? [Some of his standards are quite negative, by the way. I mean, the man is no angel.] The truth is, Elon can make you bigger and better; or he can fuck your mind up.

Listen! While listening to the audiobook, you may find yourself asking questions like -

Why aren't I a billionaire?

Why did I only work 80 hours last week when I could have worked 120?

Why am I moaning about shit like a big baby?

And, uh ... well, that's only three. You will find yourself asking loads of questions, dear reader(s), but you won't want to admit to most of them. Not in polite company, anyway.


Okay, okay. Anything else? Er ... no finance, obviously. No one has sent me any decent PR emails.

Personal stuff? Yeah, yeah. I'll probably ... still write about personal stuff. I was just pissed off and depressed yesterday. You know how my moods change, man.

Music? I nearly composed a new tune on Sunday. I say "nearly" because I worked on it for two hours and then scrapped it. The tune was good enough to be a bread-and-butter classic, BUT(!) ... I'm fanatical about writing world-beaters now. 'Ha! You've been listening to that Vance/Musk audiobook too much, boss!' Yes, yes, I know, Voice, you bloody idiot!

Jesus H. Christ! I really need to get rid of the Voice. He's just holding me back in life. 'Yeah, good luck with that, loser!' Shut up! For fuck's sake! Please - !!!


Uh. Anything else? No, no, there's nothing else, kook(s). But I'll be writing a conceptual later, No. 702. / How many of these things am I going to write? God knows! Anyone who wants me to stop writing them better sign me to a recording deal quick. That's the only way out of ... there. You dig?