Monday, 15 November 2021

Today? No! A long, long time ago ...

Just read for yourself ... 'Me?!' You! ...

Preqin, the global leader in alternative assets data, tools, and insights, is today announcing that its Board of Directors has appointed Christoph Knaack, currently Preqin's Chief Strategy & Product Officer, as the company's CEO as of Jan. 1, 2022. Christoph will focus on leading Preqin through its next growth phase, as the company moves toward serving its customers through the entire private market investment lifecycle - from fundraising and investor relations to deal origination, due diligence and portfolio monitoring.

You see?

'Today?! When was it, boss, this today?' Ages ago. 'Oh, years, and years, and years ago?' No, Voice. Two weeks ago. 'Why are you covering this PR email now then?' I don't know, my little invisible friend. It's a mystery.

From 2022, Preqin's founder and current CEO, Mark O'Hare, will continue his active involvement as a member of Preqin's Board of Directors, and as the company's principal shareholder, supporting Preqin's executive team with strategic guidance, as well as engaging with customers, partners and other stakeholders in the market.

Who is this Mark O'Hare? 'He's the current CEO.' Ha, ha, ha! Of course he is! That explains everything, doesn't it? 'Er ...' No!

Christoph Knaack joined Preqin in 2020. He has since served on Preqin's Executive Committee where his in-depth understanding of the alternatives industry has proven invaluable in further advancing the company's overall product and corporate strategy. Before he joined Preqin, Christoph was well-recognized in the investment world through his roles at hedge fund Davidson Kempner, private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and in investment banking at Morgan Stanley.

Who is this Christoph Knaack? 'He's the guy we're writing about. He's the next CEO.' Yes, keep telling yourself that. 'I'm telling you!' Whatever.

Preqin currently supports more than 170,000 professionals by providing them with the most comprehensive alternative assets data and insights. The firm is currently going through a strong growth phase, with more than 1,000 staff across 14 offices globally. Under the leadership of Mark O'Hare, Preqin has become the global leader in alternative assets data, continuously focusing on innovation, technology and customer centricity.

What is Preqin?! 'They've just told us!'

(He's so naive.) You're so naive.

Well, let's go to the two voices ...

Commenting on the announcement, Mark O'Hare says: "It is an exciting time for Preqin and the alternative assets industry in general, and as such it is a perfect time to transition to a dynamic new leader. Since he joined Preqin, Christoph has brought clarity and focus to our product and corporate strategy, with tremendous results. Thanks to his deep industry knowledge, customer focus and fresh perspective, Christoph is the right person to lead Preqin going forward - with the full support of the board, the executive committee and our amazing team across the globe."

That was Mark O'Hare.

This voice is Christoph Knaack ... believe if you want to -

Christoph Knaack adds: "I am truly honored to lead Preqin through its next phase of growth. Preqin is an incredible business and Mark's vision in building it has truly changed the alternative assets industry. I want to thank Mark for his leadership over the years, for his personal mentorship and guidance, and for his and the board's confidence in me. Private markets are evolving, and so is Preqin, and I am very excited about the opportunities ahead of us."

Thank you. Thank you to the two voices. Thank you to all the voices that come out of nowhere to speak in this blog.

'You're in a funny mood this morning.'





Must I always write about finance?

I don't know. I just really don't know.

I'm thinking about my old song, Strings of Thought. I mean, the second recording. I first recorded it in December 1987 with two session musicians, and then I re-recorded it in September 1989 with one guy. The second recording is much better, although the first version does have a certain vitality and much better vocals from me. I wish I could remember the guy's name on the second one. He was a brilliant guitarist and arranger. Like a Bowie's Mick Ronson type, which is maybe what I need now. (Of course, Prince was his own Mick Ronson, wasn't he?) What and why am I talking about ... I don't know, no? 'Mikey, put Strings of Thought online again!' No, no. I don't like my vocals. 'Put the first version on.' It's not as good as the second one, Voice. Man, I don't even like the song that much, these days. It's a shame I didn't have songs like Mighty Soul and Stella in the old days, those days. Anyway ... never mind, eh? I'm confused. These days, all days - and nights, too.

Uh ... uh ... uh.

I really should turn this into a music blog. I don't want to write about finance any more. Anyway, I'll get dizzy later.