Tuesday, 15 September 2009

City of London Investment Management: profits fall 41 per cent!

Oh dear. Is there some kind of karmic rebalancing shit going on? I recently wrote about Soros Fund Management and its assets going up by 41 per cent. Now this! City of London Investment Management finds its profits falling by 41 per cent. Spooky!

I have been speaking to award-winning financial psychic Keith Busby. I wanted to know what the significance of that number was. This is what he told me: 'Mikey, 41 is a powerful number, but also quite scary. Basically, it can make or break you. It can lift you up and literally put millions of pounds in your pocket. Or it can dash your hopes on the cruel rocks of cosmic fate. You are like a small, fragile boat on astral waves when you confront this number. Tossed here - watch out, it's the number four! Tossed there - oh, Lord have mercy, I see the angry number one! And combined? Oh, oh, oh! You dig? (Keith, mate, do you actually know anything about numerology?) Er - no, Michael. Sorry.'

What a wanker!