Tuesday, 15 September 2009

CVC Capital Partners: Bob Jenkins and Jim Sutcliffe - new advisers!

Yeah. Smart move. CVC Capital Partners has hired a couple of new senior advisers. Why is that a smart move? Well, because the firm has chosen two dear friends of mine: Bob Jenkins (ex-boss of F&C Asset Management) and Jim Sutcliffe (ex-boss of Old Mutual). Brilliant! Both of these guys are veterans of the astral plane and know the desert like they were born in it or something. (They weren't actually born in it, but you would be forgiven for thinking so.) Let's take a closer look at them -

Bob Jenkins: This 53-year-old American is one of the craziest cats you will ever meet burning it up in the desert or floating around on the astral plane like a little fairy. But don't be deceived. He is as hard as they come. A ferocious capitalist who takes no prisoners. This man will look you in the eye, dive deep into your soul, and - if you're lucky - leave a flame of cash flickering in your heart. That's his party piece. An amazing character!

Jim Sutcliffe: Also 53, this South African is a complex individual. On the surface, he can appear as cold as ice - as cold as any cold earth wanderer. But inside, this man is a volcano! A raging animal of pure passion and fire. He has been known to burn in the desert of our dreams for a week at a time without sleeping. Then he can return to the office, wearing a grey suit, and calmly and smoothly go about his business like a zombie. A paradox!