Wednesday, 16 September 2009

GLG's Neil Edwards put in a straitjacket!

What the fuck?! What's going on? I have just read on the Reuters website that Neil Edwards, co-manager of the Japan Core Alpha Fund at GLG Partners, has been put into a straitjacket! Or I think that's what the article said. I just saw the word STAITJACKET, saw the name NEIL EDWARDS, and put two and two together because -

O Master, you know Neil, don't you?

O my child, he is a friend of mine. But he has always been unstable.

He's a crazy cat, yeah?

Oh, you wouldn't believe how crazy, if I told you.

Try me.

All right. This guy once told me that he was Ganesh the elephant god!

You're kidding?

No. I was speaking at some conference for financial shamans and money mystics. I happened to mention Ganesh in my speech, and Neil approached me afterwards and just blurted it out. I asked him where his trunk was, and he explained to me that it was only an astral trunk not visible in the physical world. I told him I had astral sight and that I couldn't see any trunk, astral or physical.

And what did he say then?

He accused me of being a charlatan. Said that any shaman worth his salt would see the trunk.

He sounds a right nutter!

Yeah. But despite that we became good friends. I just hope he hasn't got himself into any serious trouble this time.

Neil, mate, I'll pray for you. Probably give you a ring once things have settled down a bit.