Wednesday, 23 September 2009

MCapital: when will we see it, this hedge fund launched into … ?

MCapital. Yes. The hedge fund that Mark Devonshire was going to launch. Launch where? Outer space? It was going to be launched. But it has been delayed! No seed capital! Words have drifted towards me, telling tales of $300 million of seed capital that never materialized. O Master, it never was! Silence! Let me concentrate. There must be some way I can help poor Mr Devonshire.

It is a distressed debt specialist fund, you see. Or it would be. It could be. If only … no. It wanted to focus on credit opportunities in Europe and Asia. Isn't that what we all want to do? Don't we all dream of that, lost in our endless night? O Mark, you have held discussions with AIG's Larch Lane, BlackRock, Blackstone, Paamco, Investcorp and Man Group, and still you wander life's lonely highway.